Student Employment Application

Priority deadline is June 1 for the upcoming school year.

Contact Information

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Degree Sought:
B.A. Degree (4 year)
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Qualifications and Experience

Please list your experience with computers:

Have you had any office work experience?

Please list your experience:

Have you had any experience providing sound, video or light for events, such as church services or school productions?

Please list your experience:

Do you have any photography and/or design layout experience?

Please list your experience:

Are you interested in a position that requires writing skills?

Would you be interested in working at KDCR–the on-campus radio station?

Do you have your own transportation?

Have you had farm experience?

Please list your experience:

Have you had any experience with sewing?

Please list your experience:

If offered, would you accept a phone calling position?

If offered, would you accept a position in Food Services?

Do you play piano well enough to accompany voice lessons?

Do you have a WSI swimming certificate?

Do you have any experience in teaching swimming lessons and/or lifeguarding?

Please list your experience and any certificates you have:

Are you currently certified in First Aid and/or CPR?

Can you ice skate?

Rate your skill level:

Do you have experience with taking stats?

For which sports?

Are you fluent in languages other than English?

If so, list them:

Do you have any cash register experience?

Will you be looking for an off-campus job?

List any previous employment at Dordt:

If available, what type of work would you prefer?

List any other experiences you have other than those listed above:

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