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Black Box Productions: The Author

Cascade Entertainment: End of the Tail

DigiCine Productions: Final Goodbye

Dolphanne Productions: Friendly Fire

East Park Productions: The Final Piece

Film Club: Sweet Genevieve

Fluffly Productions: The Fifth

Frigus Populus: Ellipsis

Fungus: Bleach

Hand Crafted Productions: Fred & Bob Find It

HDCH: The Upgrade

Hook and Reel: Dis][Connected

Lights, Camera, Action!: Letters

Northwest Independent Filmmakers Club: Return to Sender

Polaroid: She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not

Providence Productions: Switch

Random Strangers: Losing Our Grace

Side B Productions: Love and Antics in Room 176

Stop, Drop, and Roll the Film: Project Genevieve

Team Et Cetera: Dead Wrong

The Ad Men: Finding Grace

The Crew: Ghosters

The Nerd Herd: Fedora

Trojan Productions: Dead…or Alive?

Udo Velvet Productions: “Gone in a Flash”

Walterworm: Behind the News

Watchdog Productions: The Glove