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Ag Department releases 2009 test plot results

December 15, 2009


Field variety test plot results from the Agriculture Department at Dordt College in Sioux Center were released recently.

The field trials were conducted by agriculture majors in Dordt’s Field Crop Production and Management class under the supervision of Dr. Ron Vos, professor of agriculture at Dordt College. Students who participated in the field sized-comparison study were James Korver, Maurice, IA; Neal Vellema, Harris, IA; Ryan Johnson, Cleghorn, IA; Rachel Gorter, Otley, IA; David Dick, Mc Bain, MI; and Greg Stahl, Whitinsville, MA. They were assisted by Mike Schouten of the Dordt Agriculture Stewardship Center.

Vos said his crop production class dealt with harvesting delays this year just as area farmers did.

Twenty-eight crop varieties from ten companies were included in the yield trials. Participating companies were Asgrow, Blue River, Croplan, Dekalb, Jung, Mycogen, Northrup King, Pioneer, Stine, and Viking.

Ten different trials were conducted on Dordt College Ag Stewardship fields located north of Sioux Center. In the Dordt trials, seed varieties were planted in strips of one or two equipment-widths across the entire field. Because these narrow strips lie close to one another, field variability between treatment strips is minimized. The treatments are replicated at least three times in the field to overcome chance field differences. In addition, the order of the varieties in each block is chosen at random, avoiding a source of unconscious bias.

“To ensure accuracy and credibility of our data, we used on-farm sized comparison analysis,” said Dr. Vos. Replication, randomization and field-sized strips ensure the results will be valid and applicable to farmers’ field situations. The students used a measurement called the “least significant difference” (LSD). If the difference between two varieties is greater than the LSD, then the difference is considered significant.

Vos said results are published at an LSD of .05, “which means we are certain these results are statistically valid 19 out of 20 times.” An LSD of .25 for example would be valid three out of four times.

“We hope that by providing our data to farmers, they will have a valuable tool for deciding their seed choices for next year,” said Dr. Vos. He added his thanks to all those who in one way or another participated in the field trial. Results from this year’s trials are available at the Agriculture Department’s website along with results from 2005 through 2008.

Field Trial 1: Planting Date Soybean Trial
For this trial, the same brand and variety soybean was planted early and late to compare crop yields. Plots were planted May 11 and 25, and harvested October 28, with a population rate of 150,785 seeds/acre.

Brand/variety                   Plant Date     Yield Bu/A
Stine 23LA08                      Early: May 11            71.7
Stine 23LA08                      Late: May 25            70.4
LSD (.05)                                                          2.0

Field Trial 2: Organic Corn Variety Trial
This field trial was planted May 16, harvested November 20, at a population rate of 33,500 seeds/acre. Dordt College has certified organic acres.

Brand/variety                       Moisture%     Yield Bu/A
Viking 57-40                           25.8               201.4
Viking 39-94                           22.9               178.4
Blue River 57H36                     31.2               191.5
LSD (.05) 3.0 7.6

Field Trial 3: Corn Variety Trial
This trial compared corn varieties from several companies. The corn plot was planted April 22, harvested November 6, and seeded at a population rate of 31,100 seeds/acre.

Variety                                      Moisture%       Yield Bu/A
Croplan 5338VT3                        22.2               259.5
Pioneer 36V53                            22.7               238.7
Mycogen 2Y547                          20.4               250.3
Jung 7482VT3                            17.6                242.5
Dekalb 54-16                             22.1                251.8
LSD (.05)                                   2.2                  11.4

Field Trial 4: Corn Variety Rootworm Trial
This trial was planted April 23 and harvested November 6, and seeded at a population rate of 31,100 seeds/acre. Students found very little root pruning on any variety.

Brand/variety                      Moisture          Yield Bu/A
Dekalb 50-19                                20.6                218.9
Dekalb 50-20 without insecticide      19.9                230.5
Dekalb 50-20 with insecticide           21.6               221.9
LSD (.05)                                       1.2                 12.4

Field Trial 5: Row Spacing Effect on Soybean Yield Trial
A trial was conducted with row spacing of 36 inches and 18 inches. This trial was planted May 11 and harvested October 28. The 36 inch rows were seeded at a rate of 150,785 seeds/acre, and the 18 inch rows were seeded at 150,785 seeds/acre.

Brand/variety                        Moisture%          Yield Bu/A
Pioneer 92M40 (wide row)              14.6                 66.1
Pioneer 92M40 (narrow row)           14.8                 73.8
LSD (.05)                                      0.3                  1.3

Field Trial 6: Organic Soybean Variety Trial
This field trial was planted May 16, harvested October 29, at a population rate of 174,240 seeds/acre. Dordt College has certified organic acres.

Brand/variety                        Moisture%           Yield Bu/A
Blue River 29AR9                         14.1                  58.7
Blue River 27A9                           14.0                 58.4
Blue River 2A71                           13.9                 52.3
LSD (.05)                                    1.0                   0.8

Field Trial 7: Cultivated vs. Uncultivated Corn Trial
This field trial was planted April 23, harvested November 6, at a population rate of 31,100 seeds/acre.

Brand/variety                       Moisture%             Yield Bu/A
Dekalb 50-20 (cultivated)             19.3                222.9
Dekalb 50-20 (uncultivated)          20.6                221.8
LSD (.05)                                    1.0                    5.3

Field Trial 8: Twin Row Corn Trial
This field trial was planted May 4, harvested November 16. It was set up by planting each variety in single rows at populations of 29,700; 33,500; and 36,300 seeds per acre. Then the population was dropped to 15,100; 16,300; and 18,100 where it was planted once and then came back over and planted a second time approximately 7” apart from the first pass. Pioneer 528XR and Pioneer 461XR were used for this trial.

                                                Moisture%             Yield Bu/A
Single Row                               25.2                  234.6
Twin Row                                23.5                   246.7
LSD (.05)                                  0.8                      7.7

Field Trial 9: Soybean Variety Trial
This trial compared soybean varieties from several companies. The soybean plot was planted May 11, harvested October 28, and seeded at a population rate of 150,785 seeds/acre.

Variety                                 Moisture%               Yield Bu/A
Asgrow 2222V                         14.9                     60.7
Asgrow 2423V                         14.9                     60.9
NK 5S21N6                             15.0                     66.9
Pioneer 92Y31                         15.0                     62.5
Stine 2538                              14.7                     66.8
LSD (.05)                                 0.3                      2.1

Field Trial 10: Soybean Population Study
This field trial was planted May 11, harvested October 28. This study involved six Stine soybean varieties planted at a population rate of 150,785 seeds/acre and 125,450 seeds/acre.

Population Rate                 Moisture%                 Yield Bu/A
150,785 seeds/acre                14.6                       68.4
125,450 seeds/acre                15.0                       67.2
LSD (.05)                               0.3                        3.7


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