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Worldview author at Dordt October 4

September 21, 2010

The author of Worldview, Christianity Today’s 2003 Book of the Year in theology and ethics, will be a guest speaker at Dordt College on Monday, Oct. 4.

Dr. David Naugle is a professor and head of the philosophy department at Dallas Baptist University. His most recent publication is Reordered Loves, Reordered Lives: Learning the Deep Meaning of Happiness (Eerdmans, 2008). Naugle will draw upon this work for an 11 a.m. lecture at the B.J. Haan Auditorium titled, “St. Augustine, Happiness, and the Order of the Loves.”

“Augustine, like all of us, was in search of happiness and fulfillment,” notes Dr. Naugle, who will show how Augustine’s story intersects with the book of Ecclesiastes, as well as in an amazing way with contemporary films, books, and music. He will make a case that the resolution for restlessness of heart is found in being properly related to God. “Once people are rightly related to God in love, all our loves, affections and desires for people, places, and things can become properly ordered in Him.”

“St. Augustine on Education” will be Naugle’s topic on Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. in the B.J. Haan Auditorium. Augustine’s ideal for education was the transformation of lives rather than the relaying of information, says Naugle, who uses De Doctrina Christiana (On Christian Teaching) to show how modern Christian education conforms to this idea.

Naugle has a Th.D. in systematic theology and a Ph.D. in humanities with concentrations in philosophy and English literature.

This guest lecturer at Dordt College is part of a “First Monday” speaker series that brings campus thinkers, writers, and opinion-leaders with a Biblical perspective to Dordt College. It is designed to enrich the academic experience of students, faculty, and staff, and to create an engaging community learning experience that is free and open to the public.

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