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Extreme Makeover: Dordt College Campus Edition

August 23, 2011

This summer, parts of the Dordt College campus underwent a makeover which included the renovation of four East Campus Apartments and the creation of a new clock tower.

Probably the most noticeable change is the addition of the 54-foot-tall clock tower located in the center of campus in front of the Campus Center building.

“Aesthetically it’s a symbol for our campus, and it gives an audible aesthetic quality to our campus,” said Bethany Schuttinga, associate provost for co-curricular programs. She explained that the clock tower will serve as a gathering place and a spot where the college hopes to build lasting traditions.

This project is part of a series of capital improvements that are the result of Dordt’s ongoing Vision 2020 capital campaign. The clock tower was funded entirely by the generous financial donations of friends of Dordt College. Henry and Helen VanKlaveren of Modesto, Calif., are among the major contributors to this project. Henry VanKlaveren is the founder of Hollandia Nursery and co-chair of the Vision 2020 campaign.

Students will also enjoy the changes to the East Campus Apartments, which now have an open-floor arrangement. The living and dining space was enlarged by removing a bedroom wall, making each unit a two-bedroom apartment. This also provided some much-needed natural light into the common area. Additionally, carpet was replaced in the bedrooms and the common areas now have polished concrete flooring. The round dining tables were replaced with a bar-height table that doubles as a food preparation station.

“Each unit is able to accommodate up to six students,” said Schuttinga. “While we would prefer to have four students per apartment, they are filled beyond this number because of solid retention and a large junior and senior class.”

The space surrounding the East Campus Apartments also underwent a makeover this summer. Crews broke up the concrete parking area to access a water drainage pipe that runs underneath it. This made it the perfect time to continue the work on the college’s master plan to enhance campus with attractive landscaping and green spaces through the center of the campus. This section is located among several residential dorms and apartments, so the space will now serve as a place for students to enjoy.

“We are replacing the parking in a more desirable location to the north and east of covenant hall, so we’re not losing any parking,” said Schuttinga. The continued campus beautification process is also part of the Vision 2020 capital campaign.

“It’s delightful that we are in a financial position to be able to make these changes,” said Schuttinga. “Aesthetically our campus looks great, and from a student-user perspective, the changes that we’ve made will positively impact their living experiences.”

Students have moved in for the fall semester, and classes resume at Dordt College on Tuesday, August 23.

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