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Olympic-size dream turns to real internship at London Olympics

April 10, 2012

Dordt College junior Vero Visser spent last semester looking for summer internship possibilities in the field of digital media production. Her search landed a gig of a lifetime with an organization heading to the London Olympics.

Not really a devoted Olympics fan, Visser was surprised to discover that the internship wasn’t just the small-scale local Olympic-type event she had thought it was. “I didn’t know that it was for the London Olympics. I knew that it was in London, but I thought that it was similar to something like the Sioux Center Olympics or something,” said Visser.

Now that she’s going, she promises to know everything about the world-wide competition by the time she arrives in London.

Visser will be joining the Christian ministry One Sheep, an organization that takes its name from the biblical parable of the lost sheep, in London in July and August. The international event will provide a wide audience for their outreach. “We are going to be conducting interviews with different people, producing video content, a daily blog, and collecting stories to share Christ with the world,” said Visser.

The internship will allow her to explore the kind of work she hopes to pursue after college. “When I graduate I want to be able to use media to reach others for Christ, and to glorify him,” said Visser. “I know that this is a Christian ministry, so I think it would be a really good experience to see how they work, and to see how they talk to people who do not believe in Christ.”

Visser, a native of Paraguay, is grateful for the opportunity to participate in the internship. “God has shown me that he’s so faithful. When he calls us he really opens all the doors that need to be opened.”

Visser is especially interested in using media to build relationships and understanding between different cultures. “I want to be able to go to different places and countries and get to know people from different cultures. And I want to be able to use the camera to tell their stories in the best way that I can.”

In addition to her classes at Dordt, Visser has been involved with Prairie Grass Productions, Dordt College’s production company, and spent last Christmas break in Mexico filming and interviewing people for a film for Christian World-Wide Missions. She is a resident assistant at Dordt, teaches Sunday School at Amistad Christiana (the Spanish-speaking church in Sioux Center), and leads a Bible study for Hispanic women in Hull, Iowa.

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