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Dordt Volleyball Hosts Home Opener

September 13, 2012

FIRST SERVE….for the varsity match between Dordt and Mayville State is scheduled for 7:30 on Friday night, September 14 at the De Witt Gym.  There will be a junior varsity match starting at 6:00 between the two teams.  This non-conference match is the first home match for the Defenders in 2012.

THE RIVAL…The Mayville State Comets are 11-3 this season and they have won two matches in a row after dropping two straight to Jamestown and Minnesota Morris on September 5 and 7.  The other loss for the Comets this season is to Sioux Falls.

Josette Glatt leads the team with 3.29 kills per set and she has a .360 kill efficiency.  Hannah Smith has put down an average of 2.69 kills per outing and Nikki Roholt has a 2.02 average with a .266 kill efficiency.  Mayville State averages 12.35 kills per outing and they are hitting for a .230 kill efficiency as a unit.  Molly Hurle runs the offense while averaging 10.04 assists per set and Ashley Torgusson is the top digger with a 4.26 average as Mayville State averages 15.25 digs as a team.

THE DEFENDERS…are 11-3 this season and have won five of their last six outings with the lone loss in the stretch coming to nationally ranked Grand View.  Dordt’s other two losses are to Bellevue and Grace (Indiana).

The Defenders are hitting for a .231 kill efficiency and have been very balanced up to this point.  Lindsey Floen is at 2.54 kills per outing and Danae Geels is good for 2.38.  Loy Sahr has lifted her average to 2.12 and Jenna Horstman accounts for 1.9 kills from an outside hitter’s spot.  The Defenders continue to await the return of Katelyn Schuller to match action after going down with an ankle injury the first weekend of the season.  Floen also accounts for 1.31 blocks—tops on the team.

Kayla Gesink averages 9.0 assists per set and also averages 1.02 kills and 2.54 digs with a total of 18 ace serves this season.  Kayla Broekhuis tops the team with 4.06 digs per outing and she has 11 ace serves.  Jocelyn Bousema leads the team in ace serves with 20 and she gets to 1.77 digs.  Jana Van Zanten has totaled 17 ace serves and averages just under two digs per set.

LAST ACTION… Mayville State beat Valley City State on Tuesday, September 11 25-14, 25-17, 26-24.  Glatt had ten kills and Kolness put up 29 assists.  Torgusson topped the team with 16 digs.

Dordt swept Dakota Wesleyan 25-18, 25-16, 25-21.  Lindsey Floen led the team with 11 kills and a .625 kill efficiency.  Danae Geels and Loy Sahr had seven and six kills respectively and Jenna Horstman was in on six blocks and Sahr five.  Kayla Gesink put up 28 assists and Kayla Broekhuis had 11 digs.

HISTORY… The Defenders lead the series 4-0 with the last meeting happening on September 3, 2010 at a match hosted by the University of Sioux Falls.  Dordt won 25-23, 25-20, 25-16 behind 13 kills by Danae Geels and 11 by Kendra Potgeter.  Jessica De Stigter had 20 assists and Dorinda Hibma 24 digs.

WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE…Dordt is at home next week as it hosts Mount Marty on September 19 (6:00/7:30) and Nebraska Wesleyan on September 22 (2:30/4:00).

Mayville State will face Briar Cliff and the College of Saint Mary on Saturday, September 15.

Dordt 2-0/11-3
Hastings 2-0/12-2
Midland 1-0/9-5
Northwestern 1-0/11-3
Doane 1-1/14-4
Briar Cliff 1-1/7-5
Mount Marty 0-1/2-7
Nebraska Wesleyan 0-1/3-2
Morningside 0-1/9-5
Dakota Wesleyan 0-1/3-11
Concordia 0-2/3-7

Wednesday, September 5
Dordt def Briar Cliff 3-2
Midland def Concordia 3-0
Hastings def Doane 3-2

Tuesday, September 11
Briar Cliff University def. Mount Marty College 3-0
Hastings College def. Nebraska Wesleyan University 3-0
Doane College def. Concordia University 3-0

Wednesday, September 12
Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0
Northwestern def. Morningside 3-2

Friday, September 14
Concordia @ Northwestern

Saturday, September 15
Doane @ Mount Marty
Midland @ Morningside

Tuesday, September 18
Northwestern @ Briar Cliff
Concordia @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Wednesday, September 19
Midland @ Doane
Dakota Wesleyan @ Morningside
Mount Marty @ Dordt College

Friday, September 21
Briar Cliff @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Saturday, September 22
Mount Marty @ Midland
Northwestern @ Hastings
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Dordt College
Dakota Wesleyan @ Concordia
Morningside @ Doane

Tuesday, September 25
Mount Marty @ Dakota Wesleyan

Wednesday, September 26
Briar Cliff @ Morningside
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Midland
Concordia @ Hastings
Dordt @ Northwestern

Saturday, September 29
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty
Hastings @ Briar Cliff
Midland @ Northwestern
Concordia @ Morningside
Doane @ Dordt College

Tuesday, October 2
Dakota Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff
Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Wednesday, October 3
Hastings @ Midland
Morningside @ Dordt
Northwestern @ Mount Marty

Friday, October 5
Briar Cliff @ Concordia

Saturday, October 6
Dordt @ Midland
Mount Marty @ Concordia
Morningside @ Hastings
Briar Cliff @ Doane

Tuesday, October 9
Briar Cliff @ Dordt College
Hastings @ Doane
Morningside @ Mount Marty

Wednesday, October 10
Midland @ Concordia
Northwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan
Friday, October 12
Doane @ Morningside

Saturday, October 13
Midland @ Briar Cliff
Concordia @ Dakota Wesleyan
Hastings @ Mount Marty
Northwestern @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Sunday, October 14
Hastings @ Dakota Wesleyan

Tuesday, October 16
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Concordia
Dordt @ Mount Marty

Wednesday, October 17
Briar Cliff @ Northwestern
Doane @ Midland
Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan

Friday, October 19
Dakota Wesleyan @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Saturday, October 20
Dordt @ Hastings
Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland
Northwestern @ Doane
Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan

Tuesday, October 23
Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff
Dakota Wesleyan @ Dordt College

Wednesday, October 24
Hastings @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Concordia @ Doane
Northwestern @ Morningside

Saturday, October 27
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff
Midland @ Mount Marty
Hastings @ Northwestern
Concordia @ Dordt College
Doane @ Dakota Wesleyan

Tuesday, October 30
Briar Cliff @ Dakota Wesleyan
Midland @ Hastings
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Doane
Dordt @ Morningside
Mount Marty @ Northwestern

Thursday, November 1
Morningside @ Briar Cliff
Midland @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty
Hastings @ Concordia
Northwestern @ Dordt College

Saturday, November 3
Mount Marty @ Doane
Morningside @ Midland
Dakota Wesleyan @ Hastings
Dordt @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Northwestern @ Concordia

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