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Vote for your favorite Prairie Grass Film Challenge film

February 20, 2013

It’s not too late to cast your vote for People’s Choice Award for your favorite Prairie Grass Film Challenge film. Voting is open through Monday, February 25, and the winner will be announced on the Film Challenge website on Wednesday, February 27.

2013 Winners

480-Hour Challenge
Best of Show: Roboy and Rogirl by Rhosgobel Rabbits

48-Hour Challenge
Post-College Best of Show: Love in the Dust by Udo Velvet Productions

48-Hour Challenge
College Best of Show: My Brother’s Deal by Providence Productions

48-Hour Challenge
High School Best of Show: The Story of Alan by Bravo Productions

Runner-Up: What’s in a Name by Hand-Crafted Productions

Best use of Character: Everyday Heroes by Food Fight Club Productions

Best use of Prop: I Love Will by Hot Void Productions

Best use of Line of Dialogue: Heart Shaped Cereal by Wombat Productions

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Judges for the 48-Hour Film Challenge
Thomas Ritchie (Iowa), Jacob Hall (Iowa), Dan Donovan (Iowa), Caleb Stern (Virginia), Danielle Roos (Tennessee).

Judges for the 480-Hour Film Challenge
Matthew Berkenpas (Colorado), Brad Dykstra (Minnesota), Laura Groen (California), and Greg Veltman (Michigan).

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