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Dordt Writes: On Kuyper

April 29, 2013

Abraham Kuyper’s name has long been familiar in Reformed circles and is increasingly so in the broader evangelical world. The Dordt Press has recently published a collection of essays examining how this Dutch theologian and politician influenced Christians’ thinking about church, culture, gender, common grace, education, politics, scholarship, fashion, art, science, and evolution throughout the last century. 

On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work and Legacy of Abraham Kuyper, co-edited by Dr. John Kok, is this week’s featured book at the “Dordt Writes” event on Friday, May 3, at the John and Louise Hulst Library at 11 a.m. Kok is the dean for research and scholarship at Dordt and director of the Andreas Center.

“Kuyper’s vision has continued relevance for Christians today,” says Kok. “People take his ideas seriously, even if they don’t agree with everything he said.” He believes that On Kuyper is a valuable resource for those who want to think about implications of faith for contemporary thought and social action.

Editors Steve Bishop and Kok gathered and edited 31 articles, some in print for the first time, from 28 authors who use a Kuyperian framework to critique and to develop Christian perspectives on a broad range of topics that relate to how we live in today’s world. The book gives an introduction to Kuyper's life and thought through the eyes of others. They range from articles titled “How Abraham Kuyper Became a Kuyperian” to “Common Grace and Christian Action in Abraham Kuyper” to “Rehabilitating the State in America: Kuyper’s Overlooked Contribution.” The breadth and scope of these articles stand as testimony to Abraham Kuyper's desire to see the lordship of Christ extend to every area of life, say the editors.

Twenty-seven of the 31 articles have been published previously, some of them obscurely and not readily accessible. Four of the articles have never been published and contribute significant insights into Kuyper’s thought, says Kok. The book brings all of these resources under one title.

Compiled by individuals deeply rooted in the neo-Kuyperian movement, On Kuyper is the most comprehensive anthology of essays about Kuyper to date. It comes out at nearly the same time as an acclaimed new biography on Kuyper by Dr. James Bratt titled Abraham Kuyper: Modern Calvinist, Christian Democrat.

Kok is pleased with the book and believes it will be a valuable resource for scholars and that it will appeal to anyone simply wanting to understand more about how a Kuyperian worldview shapes the way people think and act.

The “Dordt Writes” series celebrates books by Dordt College authors. The campus and broader community is invited to share a cup of coffee and a cookie, and to hear Kok talk briefly and answer questions about the book.

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