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Editor's notes

August 21, 2012

A front row seat

Some people think educational institutions are slow and stuffy. But if you enjoy learning, you’ll always find interesting things happening on a college campus. I have a front row seat.

From my vantage point, much of learning seems to be about making connections. The students and the faculty members who are the most fun to interview are making connections and as a result are excited about what they’re learning. Graduates who have learned how different parts of life affect each other often fill leadership roles in their professions and communities.

The desire to help students make connections is why students and professors want more experiential learning. It’s why Dordt has a Core Program that helps students connect their learning to other areas of life. It’s why living in a residential community where conversations can happen naturally is a good thing.

Seeing connections means seeing how God made his world. It helps us bring change, healing, and restoration. That’s what Dordt faculty hope happens through a new interdisciplinary project going on this semester, and that’s what we try to do every day and in every course. We hope you see evidences of that in this and every issue of the Voice.


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