Dordt College News

Editor's notes

May 22, 2012

Moving on

Commencement happens every year, and every year the celebration brings joy to students and their parents.

It’s a joy that Dordt faculty and staff share, even though they go through it year after year. New graduates leave campus with memories, excitement, and sometimes uncertainty. They also leave with a comprehensive education that gives them a stepping-off point for living thoughtful lives of discipleship.

Academics matter, as I was reminded while driving some students to the Omaha airport following graduation. Our two-hour conversation covered topics as diverse as believing in angels and demons to responsibilities and challenges in business and agriculture. I was encouraged that what these students were learning was having a deep impact on the way they were thinking about their responsibility as Christians taking up their calling.

In this issue you’ll find further illustrations that the academic education Dordt College students are receiving is helping nurture thoughtful adults and also planting a seed that takes root and bears fruit for years to come in the professional, community, and family lives of alumni.

We think you’ll be inspired by these stories, and we hope that you’ll continue to support the work done here each year anew.


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