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Leading off with the president

January 23, 2012

Integrating faith and life

Over the past 16 years, people have asked why I believe Dordt College should maintain its Reformed understanding of the biblical principles upon which we were founded. The implication is that such “Reformed” terminology may not be as relevant today.

Such skepticism ignores the resurgence of New Calvinism. The adjectives “Calvinist” and “Reformed” have gained a new cultural cachet as past prejudices died and young believers around the world began looking for a biblically rooted view of life and the world that the Reformed community has always held.

We’ve seen an amazing renewal of the conviction that God created the entire universe and placed us in it to develop and care for his world—for his glory. The resulting dedication to comprehensive discipleship in which all we do is governed by God’s Word pervades Christian music and youth movements in nearly every culture. 

Today, a passion for comprehensive discipleship is not confined to those who have been nurtured in Reformed theology and congregational life, if indeed it ever was. The integration of faith and life under biblical norms has become the goal of the new wave of Christian disciples, regardless of denomination or tradition. Today’s generation of Christians insists that whatever activity they’re engaged in—whether family, profession, recreation, or service, they should follow scriptural norms so that Christ is praised 24/7.

That cultural trend is good news for a college whose teaching has been based on integrated faith-filled discipleship throughout its history. At Dordt College, we have spent half a century preparing people for what many refer to as the integration of their faith and life. We’ve offered an educational foundation where faith and learning are one. In that sense, we’ve been ahead of the curve. We offer biblically shaped, faith-filled learning in every subject so that our graduates lives will embody biblically formed faith, both as individuals and as members of a faith-filled Christian community. 

As I leave the presidency of Dordt College at the end of this academic year, I am as thrilled as ever that this institution embodies an academically excellent, spiritually vibrant learning community dedicated to what Reformed churches have found joy in celebrating—that the best place to prepare for a lifetime of integrated service to God begins in a school where faith in learning is never an afterthought, but is the energizing spirit of all that it does. 

We rejoice in a new generation of Christian disciples eager to live for the glory of God. We give thanks that Dordt College is a place where living and learning flourishes when it embodies the Reformation creed—Soli Deo Gloria, to God alone be all the glory.


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