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Design students develop logos

January 19, 2011

When given an opportunity to design a project for an actual client, graphic design students are always highly motivated,” explains Professor David Versluis.

Students in his advanced class received such an opportunity in early 2010.

Kevin Wassenaar (’94), the development director at Central Minnesota Christian Schools (CMCS), contacted Versluis to see if his students would be interested in updating CMCS’s logo for the school’s centennial celebration. They were hoping to use their existing shield symbol but to freshen it up and “make it applicable to celebrating 100 years of God’s faithfulness to CMCS,” explains Wassenaar.

Wassenaar had worked with Versluis and one of his classes a few years ago to develop CMCS’s website, and both parties “benefited from that experience,” recalls Wassenaar. “When this need for an updated logo came up, I right away thought about Dordt and another partnership.”

As he has done with other client projects, Versluis assigned the project to his graphic design class and also offered it to some senior students who were members the American Institute of Graphic Arts. The students created concept sketches, which eventually led to fifteen completed designs. The student proposals were sent to Wassenaar and the Centennial Celebration Committee for review. “We were able to look them over,” explains Wassenaar, “and eventually narrow it down to a couple of designs that we wanted to see tweaked a bit.”

Versluis explains that the final logo was the result of a team effort, the original design was built on the work and concept of senior Paul Hanaoka. Once the design was selected, Wassenaar communicated with Hanaoka directly about slight revisions and adjustments.

“We are extremely pleased with the final product!” says Wassenaar. He is also pleased with the whole design process, noting, “The students were very professional in their handling of the project, and especially in communicating with us and helping us get what we wanted.”


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