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Nursing students teach girl scouts

January 19, 2011

Dordt College nursing students gave a Saturday to help share what they know with young girl scouts.

What do you get when you mix aloe vera gel, glycerin, rubbing alcohol, and tea tree oil? Hand sanitizer!

Twenty-two Sioux City Girl Scouts know the answer and even made a sample to take home, thanks to Dordt’s senior nursing students.

The Girl Scouts organization in Sioux City contacted Dordt’s nursing department last spring about organizing an event that would teach healthy living habits to girls ages six to eleven. Mary De Young, the nursing department’s Clinical Outreach Coordinator, helped Dordt’s senior nursing students organize the event.

On Saturday, November 13, the nursing students led the girl scouts in activities and sessions that explained the importance of exercise, hand washing, healthy teeth, healthy eating, and general safety. The girls had the opportunity to actively learn many of their new skills: they practiced brushing and flossing on a large model of a mouth, made their own healthy snacks, and learned the correct way to wash their hands.

“The girls loved the day,” says De Young. “There were also several moms in attendance, and they were impressed and pleased with the organization and all the activities for the girls.”

For the nursing students, most of the information they were teaching was pretty elementary to them, but the experience of teaching is where they found value.

“In nursing, it is sometimes hard to see the impact your care or teaching might have on a person,” explains senior Amanda Haan. “It was encouraging to see how excited the girls were about asking questions and actively participating. I believe we made a positive impact on these girls and set good examples for them.”


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