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Sophomore gets published

May 18, 2011

Peter Kuipers has compiled a list of Easter works for solo trumpet and brass ensemble that will be useful to church musicians.

The journal Reformed Worship provides resources for church worship planners, so it shouldn’t be such a surprise that a project from a course titled Music in Worship would be published in the journal.

Still, Peter Kuipers, a sophomore music education major, says, “I was stunned when I discovered that Reformed Worship was interested in an assignment I did for class.”

Kuipers was enrolled in the Music in Worship class, taught by Dr. Karen De Mol, in spring 2010.The class gives an overview of worship and liturgy, church music history, and church music administration. For his final project, Kuipers created a compilation of music for the Easter season, involving organ and either solo trumpet or a brass ensemble.

“As a trumpet player,” Kuipers explains, “I recognize that Easter is a time of year when churches ask musicians to play for the services, though they may not have any specific pieces in mind.”

Kuipers’ compilation provides a list of titles and a description of each piece including the range and the difficulty.

“The purpose of this article is to help worship planners have a reliable list of music that is appropriate to use for Easter,” explains Kuipers. He included music that can be used by a range of skill levels, from beginner to highly advanced brass players.

De Mol recognized his project’s quality and usefulness and submitted it to Reformed Worship, which published the piece, entitled “Let the Trumpet Sound! A Compilation of Easter Music for Trumpet and Brass” in December 2010.

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