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Student videos promote the work of slum ministries

May 13, 2010

Student videos promote the work of slum ministries

What happens when twelve digital media students, equipped with cameras, are sent into Kenyan slums over Christmas break? Five months later, you get three pro bono promotional videos for ministries working in the slums.

On Thursday, April 29, these students shared their films at a public screening.

Because all of these ministries are busy feeding, teaching, and nurturing the people they serve, they have very little time to raise funds or raise their visibility. Dordt's digital media students are helping tell the stories of these ministries in order to generate support, whether that translates into prayer or donations.Dale Vande Griend was one of a dozen students to spend the semester break in Kenya. He will film with Professor Mark Volkers in India this summer.

One group of students went to the slum of Mitumba to document the story of Kenyan Pastor Shadrach and his ministry, Rural Evangelistic Ministries. The people living in Mitumba feel like castoffs, and it is Pastor Shadrach’s mission to change this way of thinking. He says, “To get them out of the slum we must get the slum out of their mind.”

Because the idea of worthlessness is so embedded in the minds of people who live in the slums, changing their perspective is easier said than done.

“What do we do if people don’t want to accept help because of pride or feeling worthless?” asks senior digital media major Danielle Roos.

Pastor Shadrach begins with the kids.

“There are so many kids in the slum,” explains Roos. “He starts by providing them with food, shelter, medicine, and love. Pretty soon, the kids bring their parents to the ministry, too, and the whole family starts to live different lives.”

Pastor Shadrach founded his ministry in 2001, and the Mitumba slum, formerly known for its violence, drugs, and sex, has become a much safer and cleaner place to live.

“Pastor Shadrach is doing amazing work,” says Roos. “We hope that our film will spread the word about his ministries and raise support in whatever way possible.”

The team will send their film to Pastor Shadrach, and they also hope to put the film on his ministry’s website:

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