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Dordt Basketball Hosts Dakota State Saturday

January 23, 2014

GAMETIME… Dordt will host Dakota State on Saturday, January 25 at the De Witt Gym.  The women’s game will start at 2:00 and the men will follow at 4:00.  The games can be heard on KDCR 88.5 FM and live on the world wide web at  Scores and details about the contests at their conclusion can be found online at  ; and you can follow us on Twitter at 

The games can be viewed at

SCOUTING REPORT… The Dakota State Lady T’s are 9-13 this season and are a part of the North Star Athletic Conference which is in its first year of existence.    The Lady T’s are 3-2 in their last five games with wins over McPherson, Bethel (Kansas) and Presentation.  The losses for the Madison, South Dakota based school are to Mount Marty in that stretch.  The Lady T’s are 1-9 in ten games against Great Plains Athletic Conference members.

Jeff Dittman’s team averages 68.7 points per game while allowing 70.0 points per contest.  Dakota State is getting outrebounded by a 41.2-38.4 margin and they are converting 43.3 percent of their field goals while opponents make 37.9 percent.  The Lady T’s have been hampered by turnover issues this season, committing 468 through 22 games and forcing 380.

Kylie Westover is the only player averaging in double figures with a 14.4 average and she has 34 assists and 17 steals.  Erin Radenberg scores 9.0 points per game and grabs 3.3 rebounds.  BreeAna Olson scores 7.7 points per game and Cassie Jacobsen is at 7.2 points per contest.  Alyson Drooger chips in with 6.9 points per game and she leads the team in rebounds with 5.9.

The Dakota State men have won two games in a row and are currently 9-11 and 1-0 in the North Star Conference.  The Trojans are 2-7 against teams in the Great Plains Athletic Conference.  The Trojans have wins over GPAC members Mount Marty and Northwestern.  In fact, both of those wins came as part of a three game winning streak that started the season for Gary Garner’s team.

The Trojans average 76.2 points per game and allow 71.9 points per contest while holding a 41.8-39.2 rebounding advantage.  TheTrojans convert 44.8 percent of their field goals and allow 40.2 percent success for opponents. 

Dylan Hale leads the team with a 16.0 points per game average and he takes down four rebounds with 38 assists and 33 steals.  Yusuf Vinson scores 14.5 points per game and grabs 8.4 rebounds and he makes 51.6 percent of his field goal attempts.  Miguel Sansavour and Marcus Smith average 12.3 and 11.9 points per game respectively.  Hale leads the team with 47 three point shots and Cameron Robinson leads the team with 79 assists in 16 games played.

NORTH STAR ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION…is a newly formed group of five schools, filling the void by the disintegration of the Dakota Athletic Conference.  The association (conference) in its first year of existence, is made up of Dakota State, Mayville State, Jamestown, Valley City State and Presentation.

DEFENDER NOTES… The Defenders are 10-11 this season and 4-9 in the conference.  The Defenders are 2-2 in their last four games and are 3-5 since Christmas. 

The Defenders are scoring 71.2 points per game and allowing 71.2 points per contest.  Opponents hold a slight rebounding edge over Dordt at 38.9-37.7.  Craig Stiemsma’s team is converting 41.9 percent of its field goal attempts and opponents make 38.9 percent of their attempts. 

Dordt is led in scoring by Kara Van Dyke’s 16.2 points per game and Kayla Broekhuis is good for 10.7 points and Jaimie Kok 10.5.  Danelle Boone’s 8.6 points per game go along with a team high 40 made three-point baskets.  Jasmin Schelhaas chips in with 6.0 points per game and both Kim Kroeze and Mycah Hulst score 4.5 points per game.  Van Dyke tops the team with 7.3 rebounds per game and Kok is at 6.1 rebounds per contest.  Schelhaas leads the team with 39 assists and Kok has 36 assists this season.

The Defender men are 20-2 this season and 12-1 in the GPAC and the Defenders are currently on a four game winning streak dating back to a loss to Morningside on January 8.

Dordt scores 89.8 points per game with opponents scoring at a 75.0 points per game clip.  Dordt’s field goal shooting percentage is 49.9 and opponents are at 44.2 percent.  The Defenders hold a decided 42.3-29.7 rebounding advantage and they get to the free throw line with regularity.  Dordt has made 454-627 free throws while opponents have converted 328-454.

Kyle Lindbergh’s scoring average is 16.6 points per game and he holds a 10.5 rebounding average with 59 assists, 31 blocked shots and 25 steals.  Dalton Franken is scoring at a 15.5 points per game clip and he grabs 4.5 rebounds per contest.  Austin Katje’s 13.3 points per game has been built on 48.9 percent shooting and he grabs 4.2 rebounds per contest.  Nathan Rindels has scored 11.0 points per game during his sophomore campaign and he has a 5.0 rebounding average along with a team high 78 assists.  Tyler Wolterstorff scores 10.5 points per game and has a 4.2 rebounding average.  David Den Herder comes off the bench for 6.8 points per game and Alex Terpstra adds 6.1 points and Bryan Sumner 4.3.

LAST TIME… The Defender women beat Mount Marty 69-54 on Wednesday after leading 34-27 at halftime.  Kara Van Dyke scored 21 points and Danelle Boone scored 15 while making 4-6 three-point shots.  Jaimie Kok recorded a double-double with 14 points and 12 rebounds.

The Dakota State women handled Presentation 96-65 after leading 44-30 at halftime.  Alyson Drooger and Kylie Westover had 19 and 16 points respectively and Drooger had seven rebounds with three assists and three blocked shots.  Dakota State had a 46-31rebounding advantage.

The Defender men beat Mount Marty 93-59 and led 43-22 at halftime.  The Defenders made 18-30 second half shots and had a 38-27 rebounding advantage.  Franken had 16 points and Alex Terpstra and Austin Katje both had 13.  David Den Herder and Bryan Sumner had 12 and ten points respectively and Rindels got credit for seven assists.

Dakota State held on for an 83-78 win on Wednesday over Presentation after holding a 40-25 halftime lead.  The Trojans played only eight players in the contest and were led by Marcus Smith with 25 points on 9-16 shooting.  Miguel Sansavour scored 16 with ix rebounds and six blocked shots.  Adam Hofer knocked down 15 and had five assists.

HISTORY… The Defender women lead the series 20-17 and won the meeting last year by an 81-79 margin after leading by a 43-34 advantage at halftime.  The Defenders led most of the game by double digits before Dakota State made a late charge, cutting a 76-51 lead with 8:34 down to two points with :51 left to play.  A pair of free throws by Jasmin Schelhaas restored order and the Defender held on for the win.  Broekhuis had 20 points and Brianna Spronk added 15 with Kara Van Dyke scoring 13.  Dakota State got 28 points by Kylie Westover and Alyson Drooger had 17.

The Defender men never got it going against Dakota State in last year’s meeting on January 9 in Madison.  Dordt was on the short end of an 83-65 decision after trailing 40-32 at halftime.  The Dakota State lead was more than ten most of the second half.  Tyrone Gordon scored 26 points with six rebounds and he had three assists and four steals while converting 11-18 field goals.  Terrell Newton came off the bench to score 15 and John Lamb had ten.  Jordan Vogel and Trevor Wolterstorff had 16 points each and Austin Katje converted 14.

NEXT… Dakota State will host Mayville State in conference play on Wednesday, January 29 before traveling to Valley City State on Saturday, February 1.

The Defenders will play a pair of road games next week with road contests at Briar Cliff on Wednesday night and a twinbill at Hastings on Saturday.

RANKINGS…. The Dordt College men held on to the no. 5 spot in the poll national poll released Tuesday, January 21.  Midland is no. 10 while Hastings is no. 15.  Morningside is in the receiving votes portion of the schedule. 

Northwestern is no. 2 in the women’s poll.  Concordia was no. 8 while Hastings and Morningside are no. 9 and no. 10 respectively.

GPAC STANDINGS…(Friday, January 23)

Women’s Basketball
Northwestern  10-1/18-1
Hastings   10-2/19-2
Concordia   10-3/16-5
Midland   8-4/12-10
Morningside  7-4/16-5
Dakota Wesleyan  7-4/14-6
Briar Cliff  5-7/12-10
Dordt College  4-9/10-11
Doane   3-9/9-11
Mount Marty   1-11/9-12
Nebraska Wesleyan 0-11/1-15

Men’s Basketball
Dordt College  12-1/20-2
Hastings   10-2/16-5
Midland   9-3/18-3
Morningside  8-3/14-7
Briar Cliff  7-5/14-8
Dakota Wesleyan  6-5/13-8
Northwestern  4-7/11-10
Nebraska Wesleyan  4-7/9-7
Doane   2-10/9-12
Concordia  2-11/5-15
Mount Marty   1-11/3-17


Upcoming games

January 25
Hastings @ Briar Cliff
Doane @ Mount Marty
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Northwestern

January 26

Midland @ Dakota Wesleyan

January 29
Dordt @ Briar Cliff
Doane @ Concordia
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Midland
Morningside @ Dakota Wesleyan
Northwestern @ Mount Marty

February 1
Dordt @ Hastings
Concordia @ Mount Marty
Northwestern @ Midland
Dakota Wesleyan @ Doane
Morningside @ Nebraska Wesleyan

February 3
Dakota Wesleyan @ Morningside

February 5
Hastings @ Doane
Dakota Wesleyan @ Dordt
Concordia @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Mount Marty @ Morningside
Briar Cliff @ Northwestern

February 8
Hastings @ Mount Marty
Midland @ Morningside
Doane @ Northwestern
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Briar Cliff
Concordia @ Dakota Wesleyan

February 12
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Hastings
Morningside @ Dordt
Midland @ Concordia
Northwestern @ Dakota Wesleyan
Mount Marty @ Briar Cliff

February 15
Dakota Wesleyan @ Hastings
Dordt @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Northwestern @ Concordia
Briar Cliff @ Midland
Morningside @ Doane

February 19
Hastings @ Midland
Dordt @ Northwestern
Doane @ Nebraska Wesleyan
Briar Cliff @ Morningside
Dakota Wesleyan @ Mount Marty

February 22
Hastings @ Northwestern
Midland @ Dordt
Concordia @ Morningside
Doane @ Briar Cliff
Nebraska Wesleyan @ Mount Marty

GPAC Scores
Tuesday, November 12
Men's Basketball 
Briar Cliff University 91, Northwestern College 77

Women's Basketball
Northwestern College 114, Briar Cliff University 81

Saturday, November 16
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 72, Midland University 66
Hastings College 90, Northwestern College 81
Briar Cliff University 101, Doane College 95
Morningside College 85, Concordia University 67

Women's Basketball
Midland University 70, Dordt College 51
Northwestern College 99, Hastings College 83
Briar Cliff University 106, Doane College 92
Concordia University 90, Morningside College 82 (OT)

Wednesday, November 20
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 88, Doane College 75
Midland University 83, Morningside College 77

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 83, Doane College 73
Midland University 68, Morningside College 64
Briar Cliff University 84, Nebraska Wesleyan University 53

Saturday, November 23
Men's Basketball
Nebraska Wesleyan University 89, Dakota Wesleyan University 84
Dordt College 85, Doane College 71
Briar Cliff University 103, Concordia University 61
Midland University 81, Mount Marty College 62
Hastings College 78, Morningside College 74

Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 80, Nebraska Wesleyan University 55
Dordt College 80, Doane College 55
Concordia University 80, Briar Cliff University 72
Midland University 61, Mount Marty College 47
Morningside College 76, Hastings College 49

Tuesday, November 26
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 78, Concordia University 71
Dordt College 100, Mount Marty College 60
Midland University 89, Doane College 65
Morningside College 88, Northwestern College 70
Briar Cliff University 91, Dakota Wesleyan University 81

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 94, Concordia University 89
Dordt College 68, Mount Marty College 59
Midland University 64, Doane College 62
Northwestern College 102, Morningside College 82
Briar Cliff University 89, Dakota Wesleyan University 88

Wednesday, December 4
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 104, Briar Cliff University 97
Concordia University 86, Doane College 81
Midland University 64, Nebraska Wesleyan University 50
Northwestern College 87, Mount Marty College 64

Women's Basketball
Briar Cliff University 100, Dordt College 92 (OT)
Concordia University 82, Doane College 75
Midland University 77, Nebraska Wesleyan University 64
Northwestern College 87, Mount Marty College 71

Saturday, December 7
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 87, Briar Cliff University 58
Dordt College 93, Concordia University 70
Doane College 78, Mount Marty College 49
Northwestern College 78, Nebraska Wesleyan University 76
Midland University 84, Dakota Wesleyan University 77

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 86, Briar Cliff University 68
Concordia University 89, Dordt College 66
Doane College 75, Mount Marty College 70
Northwestern College 105, Nebraska Wesleyan University 53
Dakota Wesleyan University 85, Midland University 74

Wednesday, December 11
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 92, Dakota Wesleyan University 81
Nebraska Wesleyan University 83, Concordia University 57
Morningside College 102, Mount Marty College 77

Women's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 81, Dordt College 56
Concordia University 94, Nebraska Wesleyan University 65
Morningside College 79, Mount Marty College 51

Saturday, December 14
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 94, Hastings College 84
Concordia University 81, Mount Marty College 67
Midland University 80, Northwestern College 66
Morningside College 81, Nebraska Wesleyan University 71
Dakota Wesleyan University 85, Doane College 78

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 88, Dordt College 67
Concordia University 109, Mount Marty College 86
Morningside College 82, Nebraska Wesleyan University 57
Northwestern College 89, Midland University 69
Dakota Wesleyan University 65, Doane College 59

Wednesday, December 18
Men's Basketball
Doane College 84, Northwestern College 78

Women's Basketball
Northwestern College 85, Doane College 75

Friday, December 20
Men's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 88, Concordia University 56

Women's Basketball
Concordia University 85, Dakota Wesleyan University 66

Saturday, December 21
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 78, Mount Marty College 61
Nebraska Wesleyan University 74, Briar Cliff University 66

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 93, Mount Marty College 77

January 4
Men's Basketball
Dakota Wesleyan University 98, Hastings College 84
Dordt College 69, Concordia University 62
Morningside College 79, Briar Cliff University 73
Mount Marty College 68, Nebraska Wesleyan University 56

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 81, Dakota Wesleyan University 45
Concordia University 81, Dordt College 63
Morningside College 92, Briar Cliff University 81
Mount Marty College 78, Nebraska Wesleyan University 63

January 8
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 96, Nebraska Wesleyan University 93 (OT)
Morningside College 100, Dordt College 96
Midland University 70, Concordia University 45
Northwestern College 70, Dakota Wesleyan University 66 (OT)
Briar Cliff University 87, Mount Marty College 64

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 88, Nebraska Wesleyan University 61
Morningside College 89, Dordt College 61
Concordia University 82, Midland University 74
Northwestern College 85, Dakota Wesleyan University 76
Briar Cliff University 78, Mount Marty College 70

January 11
Men's Basketball
Dordt College 66, Nebraska Wesleyan University 57
Northwestern College 60, Concordia University 56
Morningside College 89, Doane College 84
Briar Cliff University 68, Midland University 66

Women's Basketball
Dordt College 115, Nebraska Wesleyan University 66
Northwestern College 86, Concordia University 68
Morningside College 72, Doane College 69
Midland University 83, Briar Cliff University 68

January 15
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 94, Midland University 93 (OT)
Dordt College 78, Northwestern College 64
Nebraska Wesleyan University 94, Doane College 86
Dakota Wesleyan University 76, Mount Marty College 45

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 71, Midland University 59
Northwestern College 76, Dordt College 62
Doane College 82, Nebraska Wesleyan University 30
Dakota Wesleyan University 85, Mount Marty College 79

January 18
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 80, Morningside College 71
Dordt College 92, Doane College 81
Briar Cliff University 91, Concordia University 85
Midland University 65, Mount Marty College 41
Dakota Wesleyan University 77, Nebraska Wesleyan University 70

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 64, Morningside College 55
Doane College 67, Dordt College 62
Concordia University 79, Briar Cliff University 63
Dakota Wesleyan University 79, Nebraska Wesleyan University 65
Midland University 77, Mount Marty College 58

January 22
Men's Basketball
Hastings College 71, Concordia University 66
Dordt College 93, Mount Marty College 59
Midland University 73, Doane College 59
Morningside College 97, Northwestern College 65
Dakota Wesleyan University 84, Briar Cliff University 81

Women's Basketball
Hastings College 78, Concordia University 65
Dordt College 69, Mount Marty College 54
Midland University 72, Doane College 69
Morningside College 90, Northwestern College 79
Dakota Wesleyan University 81, Briar Cliff University 73

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