Dordt College News

New preschool is community effort

March 14, 2014

In November, construction began on a new preschool facility that will serve the town, as well as the Dordt College education department.

The building, scheduled to open in January 2015, will house three separate schools, including Stepping Stones, a preschool started by Dordt College two years ago to provide an authentic learning experience for early childhood education majors.

Dordt has partnered with Sioux Center and its schools to promote and support the new facility. Dordt's education department will administer the preschool, and education students will fill practicum hours and teach in classrooms there.

Sophomore early childhood education major Kayla De Bruin thinks the facility will be good for Dordt and her fellow education majors.

“It will give [students] an opportunity to have a hands-on experience and get a different perspective and understanding of education that textbooks can’t offer,” De Bruin said. 

The location for the new facility is convenient for everyone. It is within walking distance from campus, and it is next door to a community daycare.

Besides benefitting Dordt students, Education Department Chair Dr. Tim Van Soelen said the preschool will help education faculty conduct research in early childhood education. They hope to provide a model for other schools to follow.


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