Dordt College News

New wing named in honor of Dr. Charles Adams

March 14, 2014

In a very real sense, Dr. Charles Adams was the founder of Dordt’s engineering department. He was hired in August of 1979 to begin developing a four-year engineering program, laying a detailed foundation for an engineering program that was self-consciously Christian, spelling out how Christians might think about science and technology while laying out concrete objectives and goals for how it could be accomplished. Current faculty members consider his contribution the “fabric” that continues to hold the program together and make it strong.

Adams was a strong proponent of preparing students for lifelong service in God’s world. His regular essays and “Plumblines,” delivered for years over KDCR and later compiled into a book, demonstrate a thoughtful attempt to understand how Christian engineers, scientists, and everyone should keep wrestling with how God calls his people to develop creation in ways that honor him, always valuing people and resources. He continued to give leadership to both the department and the institution as dean of the natural sciences until a serious car accident in 2007 in which he suffered a life-changing brain injury.

The recent decision by the Dordt College board of trustees to name the new engineering wing of the science building “The Charles Adams Engineering Center” will serve as a continual reminder of the foundation Adams worked so hard to establish for the Dordt College engineering program.

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