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Dordt College appoints Nathan Tintle as new director of research and scholarship

April 22, 2014

Dr. Nathan Tintle has been appointed the new director of research and scholarship at Dordt College.

“Dr. Tintle possesses a collaborative spirit, and his skills will help him model scholarship efforts and provide others with encouragement and successful guidance in their scholarship ventures,” says Dordt College Provost Eric Forseth, who cited Tintle’s deep commitment to the Reformed Christian perspective, his research successes, and his ability to “synthesize, deduce, manage, and implement” scholarship and grant submissions as important strengths for this position.

“I am passionate about research,” says Tintle. “Research helps us to discover and learn about the wondrous intricacies of God’s creation—to be on the frontlines of the continuous enfolding of a creation that, at every step, is yet again more wondrous, beautiful, and complex than the previous step. God has given us the charge to rule over the world and be good stewards of it. Research, facilitated by the scientific method/inductive reasoning, gives us a venue for learning about the beautiful tapestry of creation and to obtain a glimpse of its wonder and the sovereignty of its creator.”

Tintle has served as a professor of statistics at Dordt since 2011, during which time he has earned several awards and research grants, including a best paper award from the Journal of Statistics Education, the Award for Noteworthy Scholarship by Dordt College, and the American Statistical Association’s Waller Education Award for excellence in teaching statistics. He has amassed external research grants worth more than $2 million in his time at Dordt, including a substantial National Institutes of Health grant for work with the Human Genome Research Institute.

Tintle is also active in the development of new curricular materials and pedagogical strategies in undergraduate statistics education. He has published more than 40 peer-reviewed articles, has mentored more than 60 undergraduate research fellows since 2006, and currently serves as a committee member for the Section for Statistics Education of the American Statistical Association.

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