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Jubilee Events for Fall 2004


ision at Work and Play

Premiere showing of the Jubilee production

October 16, 2004, Parents Weekend

Video showings of Vision at Work and Play

October 25 - Sunnyslope CRC, Salem, Oregon
October 26 - Cloverdale CRC, Boise, Idaho
October 28 - Faith Community CRC, Zillah, Washington
November 5 - Bradenton CRC, Bradenton, Florida
November 6 - site TBA, Lake Worth, Florida
November 9 - Unity CRC, Prinsburg, Minnesota
November 19 - Grace Fellowship Church, Pella, Iowa
November 21 - Community CRC, Roselawn, Indiana

25th Anniversary of Casavant Organ

October 23 - Dutch Organist Sietze de Vries in concert, including his commissioned work In celebration of this event.


Dordt College will hold monthly convocations beginning Aug. 26 and continuing throughout the academic year. Speakers will include Dr. Carl E. Zylstra, Dr. Arlin G. Meyer, Ms. Gail Jansen, J.D., Dr. Harold D. Trulear, Luke Schelhaas, Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff, Dr. John B. Hulst, and Dr. James Buswell.

Dordt College Minutes

"Minutes in the history of Dordt College" will begin airing this fall on KDCR. Currently the archives are being searched for trivia about the early years of Dordt College. These segments will recall interesting events and people who shaped Dordt's history. Remember, you can tune into KDCR at