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By Judy Hagey

In a recent issue, Time magazine named its 100 most influential people in the world. Their list included most of the people you would expect to see on such a list-presidents and world leaders, stars of stage and screen, and the heads of multinational corporations. It also included the names of many who, although they are not as well-known, still wield considerable influence. These are the men and women who are in positions to effect change, the folks behind-the-scenes who influence policies, politics, and popular culture.

Institutions also attempt to identify the persons of influence in their organizations. Dordt College names a Distinguished Alumnus/a annually-graduates whose personal and professional lives give evidence of carrying the influence of a Dordt education into their sphere of influence. The John Calvin award recognizes faculty members who are diligent in developing and transmitting a reformational perspective. If they had the opportunity to read the nominations submitted by alumni, these professors might be surprised at what they have said or done that is having a life-long impact on a former student.

Elsewhere in this issue you can read Jim Schaap's "The Rest of the Story" detailing how the Jubilee production came about. What's behind the telling of these alumni stories is really an acknowledgement of the collective influence of Dordt's alumni. Not many are power brokers or in highly visibly influential places, but most are making important differences in their sphere of influence. That alone is plenty of reason for gratitude and celebration. Hoping to see you at a Jubilee event in the next year.

Online Directory

It's here. The Dordt College Online Directory is finally here. For years you've asked for an alumni directory. But you told us you didn't want to pay much for one! You suggested that if the directory information were online it would be so much more efficient. The directory is free and exclusive for Dordt alumni. You must register to establish a user ID and a password. You can update your own profile and select what information you want to reveal or hide. Once you're registered you can locate fellow alumni through a simple search (by name or class year) or an advanced search (by major, professional information, city/state, etc.) Check it out at

The online directory is just the first part of the online community. In the future we hope to add features like class notes and discussion lists.

Scholarship recipients

The Alumni Association has awarded scholarships to four junior students. Thanks to generous alumni contributions and growth in the alumni scholarship fund we were able to increase both the size and number of awards this year. Recipients are chosen on the basis of their understanding of and commitment to Dordt's mission.

Engela Heystek, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, is a biology major. She says that as she prepares for a career in medicine, she can't help but think of the Great Healer who not only sought to mend souls but who had such compassion for his people that he tended to their physical needs. As a physician, she hopes to minister to people in such a spirit.

Lydia Stazen, Metamora, Michigan, is a communication major. She says that she has come to the conclusion that God has given her a gift for building relationships and wants to use that gift for his glory. She hopes to obtain a position within a faith-based non-profit organization committed to helping others.

Josh Bowar, Aberdeen, South Dakota, is an English/language arts major. He plans to become a professional high school teacher because he wants to share the glory of God with students in his classroom. He hopes to open the world of literature to the minds of his students and show them what a delightful gift language is.

Julie Perkins, DeMotte, Indiana, is a secondary ed/language arts major. She says that at Dordt she has learned more about herself, about God, about the church, and about people. She's also learned to struggle with hard questions and yet take joy in the faithfulness of God. Julie is committed to working in an economically poor school system, to bring hope to students often considered hopeless, and someday to be involved in bringing change at an administrative level in the American public school system.

Jubilee Callers

Have you ever wanted to just get on the phone and call your college roommates and friends to catch up on everything in their lives? We're offering you the chance to do just that-on our dime. We will provide a calling card for anyone who agrees to call 6-10 classmates and encourage them to come to the final Jubilee celebration at Dordt in July 2005. It's not too early to be making travel and vacation plans for next summer. Be sure those plans include making a call to the folks you want to see at the all-college reunion. To obtain a calling card, call or e-mail the alumni office.