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Shamar promotes alternative vision for agriculture

In the last weekend of September, the Shamar Club hosted an outing to the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas. The Institute held its 25th annual Prairie Festival, which included a barn dance, folk musicians, an art show, and a number of speakers.

According to Matt Bakker, president of the Shamar Club, "The Land Institute is a non-profit organization that has a really ambitious vision for alternative agriculture." Their vision, says Bakker, is an agriculture based on perennial plants, mimicking what is natural in an area.

Bakker took the initiative to set up the weekend trip largely because he had a summer internship there after his sophomore year, and was familiar with the Institute. He found the weekend to be very rewarding, and was pleased that the group of students who went was so diverse.

"There were a few agriculture and environmental studies majors, but there were a lot of other people who went, too. I'm pretty sure that everyone was glad they went."