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MAPP group takes fourth place at conference

By Jane Ver Steeg

Brian Glover, an engineer from the Dordt College Class of í98, was a member of the ninemember team awarded fourth place at the International Conference on Probability Methods Applied to Power Systems (PMAPS) held September 216, at Iowa State University, for a paper presented there.

The International PMAPS Conference provides a forum for engineers and scientists worldwide to interact on power engineering design problems. PMAPS has been the most visible and recognized international forum for presenting solutions to problems caused by random events in power systems. This year, engineers and professionals from forty countries participated in the conference, with 173 invited papers presented. All papers were peerreviewed, and a selection of papers will be published in recognized journals.

Gloverís team presented the results of a multiarea generating capacity adequacy assessment for the MidContinent Area Power Poolís (MAPPís) United States (US) thermal system. They studied the impact of transmission resource limitations within the MAPP region on the system reserve margin. They included models for predicting unit-forced outages extreme hot summer loading conditions, and load forecast uncertainty.

The basic objective of this study was to determine the Reserve Capacity Obligation (RCO) for the MAPPUS thermal system and to determine whether or not the recommendations from the previous studies were still valid. The results of the study confirmed that the current RCO level for the MAPPUS thermal system continues to be valid.

Members of the MAPP team were Ali Chowdhury, MidAmerican Energy Company; Stacie Hebert, Otter Tail Power Company; Frank Jarvenpaa, Western Area Power Administration; Andy Jensen, MidAmerican Energy Company; Kurt Stradley, Lincoln Electric System; Hilmi Turanli, Manitoba Hydro; Glenn Haringa, General Electric International; Larry Brusseau, MAPPCOR; and Glover.

Glover is a senior engineer at MAPPCOR, which is a contract administration agency. MAPCORR does transmission and reliability studies for the MidContinent Area Power Pool (MAPP), an association of more than 100 electric utilities and other electric industry participants serving Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and Manitoba and portions of Missouri, Kansas, Wisconsin, Montana and South Dakota.