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van Beek

van Beek

Foreign Language Professor Dr. Leendert van Beek completed a Dutch translation of a collection of sermons by the English revival preacher Charles H. Spurgeon. The volume, titled Kerst en Pasen (Christmas and Easter), is van Beek’s fifth volume in the series, and is published by Boekhout Publishers, the Netherlands.

Dr. John Vander Stelt’s review of A. Troost’s Philosophy of the science of faith. Introduction to theology (Vakfilosofie van de geloofswetenschap. Prolegomena van de theologie), 2004, 484 pages, appeared in the spring issue of Philosophia Reformata, a refereed quarterly journal of the Association for Christian Philosophy in the Netherlands. Some of the central ideas in Troost’s book have had a formative influence on the worldview articulated in the “Statement of Purpose” of Dordt College, says Vander Stelt, emeritus professor of philosophy.

Dr. James Vanderwoerd, associate professor of social work, has been named to the eighth edition of Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers ® 2003-2004.

Vanderwoerd presented a paper titled “Threat from the South: Implications of Religion for Canadian Social Welfare” at the Canadian Association of Schools of Social Work annual conference held May 29 - June 1 at the University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario. The CASSW conference is held in conjunction with the annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.



Dr. Matthew Dressler, assistant professor of engineering, has had an article published which describes research to determine whether mesenchymal cells from younger rabbits was more effective in repairing tendons than the same kind of cells from older rabbits. Dressler and his co-authors concluded that it wasn’t. Citation: "Effects of age on the repair ability of mesenchymal stem cells in rabbit tendon.” Journal of Orthopaedic Research Volume 23, Issue 2, March 2005, Pages 287-293, M.R. Dressler, D.L. Butler and G.P. Boivin.



David Wilcox from the psychology department presented a paper at the Christian Association for Psychological Studies International Conference in Dallas, Texas, in April. The title was “Issues in Integration: A Comparison of the Transtheoretical Model of Behavior Change and the Evangelical Protestant Doctrine of Christian Conversion.”

Wilcox also co-wrote an article that will appear in the summer issue of the Journal of Psychology and Christianity. Its title is “Philosophical Foundations for Integration: A Response to de Oliveira.”

Wilcox spoke on “The Relationship between Depression, Spiritual Maturity, and Adaptation to College in Dordt Freshmen” at the 2005 Siouxland Social Science Research Conference, held at Dordt College on April 28.



Dr. Sherri Lantinga, professor of psychology, gave a poster presentation titled “Ethnography meets Hollywood: Analyzing Film Scenes to Study Social Psychology” at the annual meeting of the Midwest Institute for Students and Teachers of Psychology. Two senior psychology students, Tara Dekkers and Karissa Stel, went along to experience the climate at a professional conference.

In reflecting on the experience Stel said, “At Dordt, psychology is one way to glorify God through redeeming this corner of his creation. Outside this perspective, as I observed at MISTOP, psychology is often about self-promotion....This conference was an eye-opener to me. I’m thankful for the foundation that Dordt and my psychology professors have given me through the years so I see psychology as part of God’s creation.”

David Versluis, professor of art, gave an academic paper at a conference on past and current developments in design education, held at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, April 8-10. The title of his paper was “What Directs Graphic Design?”

With a grant from the Iowa College Foundation, funded by the Carver Trust, Versluis will spend part of his summer working with Pulluin Software developers in Vermilion, South Dakota, to help him gain the background needed to build online public access for art students’ portfolios. The grant allows Versluis to get further on-the-job training in web development and interactive design.

Dr. James C. Schaap spoke with the Zeeland, Michigan, Second Reformed Church book club about his novel Touches the Sky on April 16. Schaap also spoke on Touches the Sky and attended the Annual Dakota Conference, The Center for Western Studies, at Augustana College, April 22 and 23.

Dr. John Van Dyk, director of the Center for Educational Studies, spoke on Christian education at the Coalition for Christian Outreach Jubilee in Pittsburgh on February 18. On April 8-9, he gave five presentations on Christian teaching at conferences held at Iowa State University and in Marshalltown, Iowa. These presentations were organized by Christian Educators Association International which serves Christian teachers in public schools.

On April 16, Van Dyk, together with Anne Maatman of IAPCHE, led the annual IAPCHE/CES consultations in Grand Rapids, Michigan, to explore ways of coordinating international educational activity. More than twenty agencies and organizations were represented.

Dr. Wes Jamison, professor of agriculture, was asked to serve on the Education and Workforce Development committee of the Biosciences Alliance of Iowa. The Alliance is a committee of the Iowa Department of Economic Development with members from the academic, business, and government sectors working to develop the biosciences industry.

The Alliance is divided into committees to carry out the work plan developed by the steering committee. The committee on which Jamison serves is further divided into four categories: private colleges and universities, community colleges, the private sector, and public education. He is the representative of the private colleges and universities of Iowa committee which is charged with supporting an educational system that creates the talent pool necessary for the industry.