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NCC, Dordt College team up for new engineering option

By Jane Ver Steeg

Area high school students considering technical careers will have a new option available to them this fall, thanks to an agreement made recently between Northwest Iowa Community College in Sheldon and Dordt College.

The new collaboration between NCC and Dordt will allow students in designated two-year Associate of Applied Science (A.A.) degree programs at NCC to continue their education at Dordt College to earn Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degrees in engineering technology.

NCC students enrolled in Computerized Manufacturing Technology, Industrial Instrumentation and Control, and Electrical Technology will be able to enroll at Dordt and get their four year degree in an additional two years.

“We see this as a win-win situation for everyone,” said Muryl Korver, NCC dean of trade and technology. “NCC can offer expanded options to our students, and I think this will help build our relationship with the regents.”

From Dordt College’s perspective, Charles Adams, dean of natural sciences, says the collaborative B.A. in Engineering Technology complements the college’s Bachelor of Science in Engineering (B.S.E.) major which trains students for careers in engineering design, rather than engineering technology. The new agreement allows students who might have otherwise only completed a two-year degree the benefit of a broader Dordt College education.

NCC and Dordt College worked together to align each institution’s required courses for the cooperative degree, which will allow participating students to complete NCC’s portion of the program in two years, and complete their bachelor’s degree at Dordt College in the ensuing two years.

We assume most students will complete the engineering technology program as a 2-2 program, with the first two years spent at NCC and the final two years spent at Dordt College,” said Adams.