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Kok presented Herman Dooyeweerd Award

Dr. John Kok

Dr. John Kok

Dr. John Kok, professor of philosophy and dean of the humanities, was selected to receive the prestigious Herman Dooyeweerd Award this summer at the International Symposium of the Association for Reformational Philosophy 2005, held at the 16th century monastery Bovendonk in the south of Holland, the Netherlands.

Kok was one of seven candidates nominated for this recognition by the members of the Association for Reformational Philosophy. In selecting Kok, the committee lauded his study and writing on reformational philosophy, specifically noting his published work on the philosophy of Vollenhoven.

Kok studied at the Free University of Amsterdam and, as a student of Vollenhoven, gained interest in both Vollenhoven and Dooyeweerd’s reformational philosophy.

Publications by Kok include Vollenhoven. His Early Development (Ph.D., 1992); Patterns of the Western Mind: A Reformed Christian Perspective (1996); and Celebrating the Vision: The Reformed Perspective of Dordt College (ed., 2004). Kok has also translated several works by Vollenhoven and other Dutch Reformed scholars into English. He was co-editor and translator of: Dirk H. T. Vollenhoven, Introduction to Philosophy. (Dordt College Press, 2005) and a Dutch/English hardcover edition of the same text. He edited Knowing in Concert, (Dordt College Press, 2005) and translated from the Dutch: Egbert Schuurman, The Technological World Picture and an Ethics of Responsibility: Struggles in the Ethics of Technology (Dordt College Press, 2005).

Schuurman, who presided over the committee that selected Kok for the award, characterized Kok as a “congenial colleague and superb teacher” and a “Christian thinker who actively promotes scripturally-directed thinking about created reality.”