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Alumni publishes new book

The Business Writer

The Business Writer

Dr. Verne Meyer left full-time teaching at Dordt College in 1992 but he stays connected to the college. In addition to teaching an English course periodically, Meyer finds the college faculty, students, and alumni good resources for his work. His latest publication, The Business Writer, co-edited by former English professor John Van Rys, is an example of how Meyer not only asks people for their expertise, but also shares samples of their work as models for his textbooks.

Many Dordt students and faculty have been paid for samples of their writing that have appeared in previous works like The College Writer and other handbooks and textbooks. In The Business Writer, Meyer draws on the expertise of alums in business.

The Business Writer is a comprehensive textbook/handbook that can be used as a college text, but it is also an easy-to-use and valuable office resource. Based on the Seven Traits for Effective Writing that Meyer and his colleagues have developed in other texts, The Business Writer shows proper ways to write letters, memos, email, reports, press releases, and much more. It also has sections on managing, communicating, and proofreading.

“Effective writing in business is essential to accomplishing your goals,” says Meyer. “You need to deliver bad news diplomatically, treat people respectfully, use research wisely, develop arguments clearly.”

Meyer says seventy to eighty percent of people earn their living based on their writing skills—from police officers writing up reports to nurses writing charts to managers writing memos. “We want to help people write well so they can do their work well,” he says.