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2003-04 Dordt College Fund goal set at $1,000,000

By Lyle Gritters, Vice president for college advancement

The Dordt College Advancement Office has announced plans for the 2003-04 Dordt College Fund program. During the course of the 2003-04 academic year, the college will seek to raise $1,000,000 in gift support for the operational needs of the institution. Most of the fund raising activities will take place during the first semester.

Lyle Gritters

Lyle Gritters

Often described as the most important fund raising program of the college, the Dordt College Fund is a crucial resource for keeping tuition affordable. It is vital to the continued improvement of our academic programs. It is an important resource for grants and scholarships for needy, deserving students. And, it serves as a "living endowment" for the financial stability of the college.

For most private colleges, including Dordt College, tuition income provides only enough to cover basic academic programs and services. The Dordt College Fund, along with direct support from churches, allows us to offer our students an educational experience that is highly ranked by national publications such as the US News and World Report.

Today's students need access to the latest technology and library resources, and they need the opportunity to participate in off-campus study programs and internship programs. The college needs to offer new programs of study that meet contemporary needs, and it needs to maintain salary levels that attract highly qualified and capable reformed scholars. The key to Dordt College's ability to retain and improve its ranking as a high quality institution of higher learning is the annual gift support that thousands of friends and alumni are willing and able to provide.

Your partnership with Dordt College is essential to the ultimate success of the Dordt College Fund and our mutual support of the "Margin of Excellence." We invite you to join us in building a partnership that will indeed help ensure excellence and broaden educational opportunities for our students and faculty.