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By Judy Hagey, Director of alumni relations

The Lord knows those who are his. II Timothy 2:19

Judy Hagey

Judy Hagey

One of the most enjoyable things about my job is getting to know the people behind the names in the alumni database. During the next year I look forward to meeting quite a few of you as we begin to plan for a series of regional Jubilee celebrations in 2004-05.

At the same time remembering all those names and being able to match faces and names is becoming more of a challenge. I'd prefer to attribute that to the growing alumni body rather than my age. Yet in my defense, our database contains the names of more than 13,000 former students. Many of you connect my name with the e-mails I periodically send. In fact, the most frequent response I hear when I introduce myself to alums is, "You're the one who sends those e-mails." Obviously, you've got the advantage when it comes to connecting names and faces.

I know how much I appreciate it when someone recognizes my name. It affirms me. For that reason I'm trying to develop a few of the techniques that are suggested for remembering names-repeating the person's name when you hear it or making a mental association with some physical characteristic. Whether you like it or not, some of your names are associated with your accomplishments or "contributions" as students.

I hope you take comfort and encouragement in the fact that even though I may have a brain lapse when it comes to your name, God never does. He not only knows your name, he calls you by name. He knows your heart's desire and what you need. And He promises to remember your name when you meet him face to face.