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Reflection on Parents' Weekend

"My first impression of Dordt is that it is a beautiful campus, bright, well organized, friendly and Christian. I’m glad my daughter chose this college for herself in spite of our objections to the distance from our home."
  -- Alberta

"I didn’t have a spare hour; there was always something to do. Looking forward to attending this great event next year. When I first came to Dordt to see if that is where my son should go I “smelled” the great Christian environment in the air at Dordt. My second and now my third visit I have felt the same. This is my comfort in overcoming the distance."
  -- Indiana

"Musical – Amazing talent! It was a very humorous but also thought- provoking play. We all enjoyed it a lot. It was very professionally done."
  -- Wisconsin

"Thank you for the variety that was available this weekend. We appreciate your interest in making us part of the Dordt experience."
  -- Alberta

"Thoroughly enjoyed the weekend. What a great feeling to leave our son in that wonderful Christian environment."
  -- Iowa

"The weekend is full—we can’t take everything in, but we love the fact that there is so much to pick from. The concert was a highlight for us—the wonderful talents we heard and seeing students singing with such meaning was a blessing."
  -- Wisconsin

"Thanks for making Dordt College a great place for our son to receive his college education."
  -- Michigan

"I went to two classes with my son and was warmly received. It was quite interesting. I am looking forward to next year."
  -- Colorado

"This was our 11th parent weekend. Keep up the good work."
  -- Michigan

"The students have always impressed me with their manner, maturity, and example."
  -- Nebraska

"I appreciate the opportunity to meet the people in our son’s life—friends, teachers, staff, and coaches."
  -- Minnesota