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Brad and Jill De Boer (’85), Renae Addison, 7/26/05

Simon (’89) and Deb De Jong, Johanna Lauryn, 9/26/05

Rick and Jacki (Fitzke, ’91) Kment, Cole Patrick, 10/20/05

Erv and Cindy (Dykstra, ’91) Keizer, Emily Rose, 10/30/05, adopted 10/31/05

Chad and Vonda (Dekkers) Visser (’91,’92), Carlie Anne, 5/8/04

John and Janeen (Ypema) Klompien (’92, ’92), Evan Carl, 4/25/05

Greg (’92) and Janell Pennings, adopted Meysi Elyvia Aydra, 7/09/05

Mike and Sonja (Larson) Nop (’92, ’93), Vanessa Yvonne, 4/22/05

Pat and Bethany (Slagter) Meyer (’93, ’93), Peter George and Mitchell Patrick, 4/02/04

Julie (Timmer, ’93) and Nolan Van Otterloo, Jenna Lynn and Kayla Beth, 6/11/05

Kevin and Elizabeth (Van Oord) van der Wier (’93, ’96), Carson, 4/17/04

Matthew and Lisa (De Vries,’94) Vos, Alexis Lynn, 11/19/05

Reinhold and Angela (Walstra,’94)) Llerena, Nathaniel Shepherd, 5/18/05

Brent and Julie (Tubergen, ’95) Sal, Aidan Matthew, 4/25/05

Sarah (Reitsma) and Dan Brouwer (’95,’95), Timothy Joost, 10/5/05

Darin and Stephanie (Schutter) Hoekema (’95, ’00), Kyanna Joelle, 7/12/05

Chad and Sue (Vanden Brink) Uittenbogaard (’95, ex ’96), Kelsey Lynn, 1/08/05

Tony and Corinna (Vander Woude) Louters (’96, ’95), Breann Deborah

Marc and Shelby (Nunnikhoven) Andreas (’96, ’96), Ivy Camille, 10/11/05

Conner Andreas reflects the family's joy over new sister and daughter, Ivy

Conner Andreas reflects the family's joy over new sister and daughter, Ivy

Jason and Kristi (Visser, ’96) Grande, Liam Jason, 2/15/05

Vincent and Shannon Hursh (’96), Jenna Caroline, 9/30/05

Jonathan and Rachel (Blankespoor) Mooy (’96, ’96), Allison Lyn, 9/03/05

Dan and Heather (Schreur, ’96) Vander Beek, Grace Elizabeth, 10/30/05

Scott and Susan Vanden Berg (’96), Ella Anne, 9/12/05

Jim and Tammy (Pool, ’96) Van Rooyen, Samantha Michal, 6/01/05

Charles and Angela (Plowman) Miedema (’96, ’97), Gabriel Henry, 10/19/05

Micah and Shannon (De Wit) Schreurs (’97,’97), Stephen Josiah, 11/10/05

Craig and Jodi (Meenk, ’97) Vander Yacht, Isabella Mae, 7/21/05

Craig and Mindy (Walstra,’97) Hummel, Willem Isaac, 8/29/05

Kristopher and Beth Tukker (’97), Zachary Isaac, 10/9/05

Matt and Micah (Scott) Bylsma (’98, ’98), Jude Matthew, 9/02/05

Mark and Marne (Grotenhuis, ’98) Dekkers, Hailey Nicole, 12/27/04

Ryan and Cheri (Bakker) Dubes (’98, ’98), Will Brian and Lauren Emma, 3/06/04

William and Deborah (Rustenburg, ’98) Sterling, Abigail Elizabeth, 6/07/05

Rick (’98) and Jill Schouten, Caden Garrett, 11/09/05

Gregory (’98) and Julie van Leeuwen, Emily Margaret, 11/05/05

Leah (Zuidema,’98) and Randy Van Doornik, Naomi Lois, 9/4/05

Seth and Leann (Aukema) Koerner (’99, ’97), Isaac Michael, 6/19/05

Jason and Paige Addink (’99, ’99), Levi Donald and Noah Benjamin, 7/03/05

Chris (’99) and Erin Rylaarsdam, Jacob Cornel, 10/24/05

Jairo and Kelly (Kuipers, ’99) Solano, Natasha Leeanne, 9/10/05

Cedric and Kathryn (Heynen) Franken (’99, ’00), Jonathon James Anton, 1/27/05

Russ and Stacey (Brons) Smies (’99, ’01), Ada Colleen, 2/10/05

Jamin and Kate (Ellens) Ver Velde (’99, ’01), Teague Andrew, 11/12/05

Matthew and Holli (Nunnikhoven) Zieske (’99, ’01), Caleb Matthew, 7/08/05

Paul and Erin (Staal, ’00) Voortman, Owen Hank, 8/2/05

Galen and Livija (Shannon) Boerema (’00,’00), Katherine Leigh, 11/3/05

Daniel (’00) and Michelle De Boer, Isaac Daniel, 5/12/05

Adam and Sharon (Bliss, ’00) Dixon, Mason-Michael Charles, 8/20/05

Philip and Kristin (Brands, ’00) Kleyn, Zachary Paul, 7/05/05

Mark (’00) and Julie Vander Pol, Alexia Rae, 6/10/05

Jon and Emily (Groenewold) Bakker (’00,’02), Tessa Ruth, 11/23/05

Eric and Dena (Alger) Danzeisen (’00, ’03), Thys Levi, 9/25/05

Jonathan (’01) and Jennifer Bentz, Hannah Lea, 9/27/05

Doug and Tammy (Becker) Gorter (’01, ’01), Heidi Jean, 8/02/05

Matt and Karen (Hamilton) Van Schouwen (’01, ’01), Ryan Tate, 9/27/05

Tim and Lynn (Schemper) Kielstra (’02, ’00), Luke Jacob, 8/23/05

Mike and Malissa (Int Veld) Eekhoff (’02, ’02), Aidan Michael, 9/02/05

Erin (Dykstra, ’02) and Brendan Olson, Hailey Jane, 11/2/05

Brian and Denae (Wittmeier) Matherly (’02, ’03), Mitchell Glenn, 9/26/05

Denise Houtsma (’97) was honored as the November 2005 Rotary Business Professional of the Month by the Mount Vernon, Washington, Rotary Club. Houtsma works at Riverside Health Club in Mount Vernon. She moved to Skagit County as a personal trainer in 2000. Houtsma is active in her church and serves on the Skagit Physical Activity Coalition and the Pregnancy Choices Board.

Matthew Zieske (’99) finished medical school in May 2005. He is now in his first year of residency at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics in the field of pathology. He and Holli (Nunnikhoven,’01) live in Coralville, Iowa. Holli, trained as a physical therapist, stays at home with their child, Caleb.

Galen Boerema (’00) recently passed the New York State Bar exam and works for the law firm of Sidley, Austin, Brown, and Wood. He and Livija (Shannon,’00) live with their two daughters in West New York, New Jersey.

Amie (Bloemendaal ,’00) and Ryan (’99) Smit now live in Lynden, Washington, where Ryan works at Lynden Christian Schools, and Amie stays busy at Third CRC and with teaching private music lessons.

Mike Eekhoff (’02) has completed his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Palmer Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa. He and Malissa (Int Veld,’02) live in Lacey, Washington.

Henry and Sarah (Bliss) Bakker (’96,’98) write: “Our beautiful little girl, Hannah, died in our arms Tuesday night (September 27). We spent a wonderful day with her making molds of her hands and feet, singing and reading to her, bathing her, and cuddling. Her death was quick and peaceful. We are so grateful for the five months we had with her in our lives.”

Kelly Helms (’03) is finishing a two-year commitment with Youth for Christ in the Fiji Islands. She is seeking the Lord’s guidance as she moves back to the United States.

Denae (Wittmeier,’03) Matherly started a freelance photography/graphic design business called “Capture the Moment” in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Denae previously worked at Starmark Cabinetry as an interior designer. She works from home to be with her son, Mitchell.

Evan Booy (’04) has been awarded several scholarships worth over $23,000 for his post-graduate education. Booy does cancer research in the department of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics at the University of Manitoba. His lab is working on developing novel anti-cancer therapeutics based on a viral protein, Apoptin, which is able to selectively target and kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. Booy said the well-rounded education he received at Dordt, along with the continued support of and contact with Dordt professors, has given him a great advantage in his post-graduate education.

Eric Van Otterloo (’05) recently attended the 2005 conference of the Society for Neuroscience in Washington D.C., where approximately 35,000 people from around the world came to share their research in the field of neuroscience. Van Otterloo presented research he has been doing with Dr. Grazyna Rajkowska at the University of Mississippi titled “Microglia immunoreactivity is unchanged in the white matter of orbitofrontal cortex in elderly depressed patients.”