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Klompien sons follow in steps of their father

By Julie Ooms

Revs. Carl, David, Mark, and John Klompien

Revs. Carl, David, Mark, and John Klompien

For the Klompien family, ministry is a way of life. Reverend Carl Klompien and his three sons, Mark, David, and John, are all pastors, which to many people may seem both unusual and wonderful.

David (’93) and John (’92) both graduated from Westminster Seminary in Escondido, California; Mark (’97), from Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids, Michigan. David currently serves as pastor of Dutton United Reformed Church in Dutton, Michigan; John is Pastor of Discipleship at First Christian Reformed Church (CRC) in Byron Center, Michigan; and Mark was recently installed as pastor of Chandler CRC in Chandler, Minnesota. Their father has recently retired from the ministry, most recently serving at First CRC of Hull, Iowa.

“When people find out that my sons and I are all pastors, they often say something like, ‘Isn’t that wonderful?’” Klompien says with a chuckle. But he and his sons are not in the ministry for public reaction; their commitment is to the ministry of the gospel.

When asked if his sons always knew they were called to be pastors, Klompien promptly answered, “No,” with another chuckle. While Mark always wanted to go to seminary, Klompien says, John and David were not always so sure. Eventually, however, each son’s calling to the ministry became clearer.

It is wonderful, Klompien agrees, that his three sons are all in the ministry. However, he is firm about the fact that all callings serve God’s kingdom.

“I prayed for all my kids to be people of God,” he says, “and I’m happy that they are.” The fact that all three of his sons were called to be pastors—well, that’s a unique and wonderful gift.