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Mahaffy offers DVDs of his prize protozoa and incredible invertebrates

If you’re a junior high or high school science teacher, Dr. James Mahaffy has a terrific bargain—to say nothing of valuable resource—available. Mahaffy has combed through years of video microscopy footage he’s taken in his zoology and biology labs to find his best shots of protozoa and invertebrates. He has two DVDs, and he’s willing to send them to teachers who might like to use them in their classrooms. The cost is his cost—$2.81 each.

The first DVD is filled with images of protozoa. Mahaffy’s favorites are the gracefully shifting ciliated protozoa from the stomach of a grass-eating cow and that of another ciliate, Paramecium, that shows the yeast cells going into the Paramecium and becoming part of a food vacuole.

The second DVD captures the movement of invertebrates. Mahaffy is especially happy with the plankton rotifer in dark field microscopy—a dramatic image of the organism against a dark background—and the fresh water Oligocheate—basically a fresh water “earthworm.”

Mahaffy put the videos on DVD for his own use and convenience because the DVD format allows him to go directly to a particular image file and immediately see the organism he wants to use in a lecture or lab demonstration. After he completed the first DVD, he decided he should share it with junior high and high school science teachers as well. For information or to purchase a DVD, contact Dr. James Mahaffy at