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FACT Club helps out

After seeing the devastation brought about by Hurricane Katrina, the FACT Club (Future Active Christian Teachers) felt called to do something to help schools in New Orleans. They decided to run a fundraiser at Kinsey Elementary School in Sioux Center.

The fundraiser, aimed at raising money to buy books for these schools, was a “Penny War,” classroom competition that involved every class in the school. Each class had a bucket in their room which Kinsey students filled with as many pennies as they could each day. After four weeks, each class’s change was counted and the classroom that collected the most coins received a free pizza party. The Kinsey students were very excited about the fundraiser; in fact, within the first week of the penny war, the entire count of pennies for the whole school was just over 60,000 pennies. By the end of the month, students had raised $1159.67. The FACT club sent the money to Grace Christian School in Pascagoula, Mississippi.