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About the John Calvin Award

The John Calvin Award, which comes with a privately funded $500 honorarium, is presented annually to a Dordt College faculty member who displays ability and commitment to articulate a Calvinistic perspective in their teaching and scholarship. Recipients are selected based on nominations from graduating classes and faculty. Three selected graduating classes were asked which Dordt professor inspired and instructed them most in the development of a Calvinistic world and life view and in applying those views to issues of contemporary society.

Vander Plaats teaches elementary mathematics courses and middle school curriculum and instruction at the graduate and undergraduate levels. He also serves as chair of the education department and as director of teacher education. He received his B.A. in secondary education from Dordt College, his B.A. in elementary education from Sioux Falls College, his M.A. from Augustana College, and his Ed.D. from the University of South Dakota.