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New alumni and employer service unveiled

Career Services at Dordt College is changing for both current students and alumni. The college is pleased to offer a new resumé and job searching service called College Central Network.

College Central Network (CCN) is an organization that serves smaller colleges, many of them private. CCN provides a secure environment in which alumni can publish a resumé for view by approved employers who are registered with the college. In addition, registered alumni can find job postings in their fields by searching for an employer, job target, or a key word. The search capacity can be broadened to include all employers who are registered with any of the 250 colleges served by CCN. CCN also provides regular information updates about trends in resumé writing, how to formulate an e-resumé, interview tips, and a wealth of other information.

Alumni can also register as an employer and search resumés of upcoming Dordt graduates to fill staffing positions in their company or business. These services are free of charge to alumni, students, and employers, compliments of Dordt College. We encourage you to take full advantage of everything CCN has to offer.

In response to shifting employer expectations and new technology, Career Services is also working with students, teaching them resumé writing and job acquisition skills, and encouraging them to make use of CCN’s self-maintained credential files while they have access to seminars and tutoring. Ron Rynders, the director of Career Services, believes the new service will prepare students for a lifetime of independent job search. Self-maintained files will also speed the job application process since there will be no closed office hours online.

Eventually, the Career Services Office hopes to post entire portfolios on the site so that in addition to resumés, employers can view video clips, lesson plans, artwork, senior projects, and other information that graduates wish to share with prospective employers. That capability, he believes, would give Dordt graduates an edge in the job market.

To alumni with credential files in the placement office

Adopting the new CCN service means that the credential file collected and maintained for each student by the former placement office will no longer be available. CCN will allow you to maintain and access your credential files yourself if you register and set up a file. Career Services is offering each alum the opportunity to request that your credential file be sent directly to you so that you can conduct your own job searches. In some cases, where files are “closed,” letters of recommendation might be withdrawn according to the wishes of the letters’ authors. In all cases, the old resumé and unofficial transcripts will be included. All files unclaimed by December 2007 will be destroyed.

Note to Education Majors: due to the sensitive nature of certain evaluations kept in the education files, only files older than five years will be released to education alums. We will not shred the newer files, but will keep them for five years after the graduation date, after which time each class of graduates may request ownership of their files. Unclaimed files older than seven years will be destroyed. During the interim years, we will continue to send your credentials to employers upon request, as we have done in the past.

To claim your file, please contact us either by letter or e-mail at . Include your full name, maiden name if applicable, major, and year of graduation, along with your complete mailing address. If you wish to register with CCN, log on to this url: . We hope to hear from you soon.