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One Week in October: Comedy League

Comedy League has been around Dordt College for many years, waxing and waning depending on the core group of students involved. It is waxing this year, with shows nearly every other week and occasional bookings in the community.

Comedy League is improvisational theater where performers create theatrical sketch-based comedy by interacting with the audience. The league is student-led, with Dr. Teresa Ter Haar serving as faculty mentor. Students train the teams that participate, many of whom have never been in a formal theater production. Ter Haar believes that improv is one of the best learning experiences a person can have, whether they are a theater major or not. It helps majors make strong choices, create characters physically and vocally in the blink of an eye, develop timing skills, and learn how to be free with an audience, says Ter Haar. For anyone, it is excellent preparation for thinking on their feet and being relaxed in front of other people.

ďItís a great stress reliever, itís expressive, and itís lots and lots of fun,Ē adds Ter Haar.