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Psalm CDs digitally remastered

There’s a piece of Dordt College in 1300 homes and counting,” according to Cindy Nederhoff, “thanks to these psalm CDs.” Nederhoff is referring to the CDs of Professor Dale Grotenhuis’s arrangements of the 150 psalms, adapted from the blue Psalter Hymnal and performed by Dordt’s choirs, bands and, orchestras from 1978 to 1986.

The psalm recordings, of which there are a little over 150 (at least one arrangement for each psalm), are remastered versions of the LP and cassette recordings done from ’78 to ’86. Until recently, these recordings were only available on records or cassettes and recordings were organized by school year. The psalm CDs offered by KDCR now contain nine years’ worth of music on six discs, allowing listeners their “piece of Dordt College” as well as a bit of fine musicianship, and a part of the Christian Reformed Church’s musical history.

The CDs were made possible by a generous donation from the Den Dulk Foundation, which supplied the funds necessary to digitally re-master the songs and re-record them. Initially, KDCR had just 500 copies, which they distributed by word of mouth and through the odd ad in the Banner. After gradually selling the first 500, they ordered another 500, which they sold within two months by contacting supporting churches and spreading the word. The numbers have grown to 1300, as Nederhoff said.

“We’re hoping that this will bring back some fond memories,” says Jim Bolkema, who works for KDCR along with Nederhoff. And hopefully the recordings will do just that for those who listen to them—bring back memories of times at Dordt, and reflection on the words being sung.

The CDs are available for order on KDCR’s website: