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Alumni Scholarships

On behalf of the Alumni Council, I would like to thank all who contributed to the Alumni Drive this past spring.†Your past generosity to the Alumni Fund helped us expand our scholarship offerings to include eight incoming freshman scholarships.†This year we are pleased to learn that you have pledged over $70,000 to the Alumni Scholarship Fund. For every $20,000 in the fund one $1,000 scholarship is created.†This coming fall, at our Alumni Council meeting, the Scholarship Committee will report on opportunities to offer additional scholarships because of your generosity.†Again, thank you for your contributions.†If you didnít have a chance to pledge and would still like to contribute, please contact Barb Mellema at Dordt College (712-722-6005).† With all of our help Dordt can be more financially attainable for students from across North American and the World.

Rodney Lamfers

Alumni council president

Deciding where to go to college is a big decision. I knew that Dordt was where I wanted to go but I was unsure how I was going to pay for such a great Christian education. I prayed and told God I would go to Dordt only if He provided a way. At the end of that week, I got a phone call that I had received the Alumni Association Regional Scholarship Award. It was because of that scholarship that I knew Dordt was were God wanted me to be. The scholarship was such a blessing for me and truly an answer to my prayers. God is so good and uses various people for His purpose. Thank you to all who have helped in providing a way for me to be here through your donations and prayers. May God bless you and your life the way you have been a blessing in mine.

Thanks again,

Dana Haak

The Alumni Scholarship allowed me to realize my dream of attending a Christian institution for the first time in my life. I am grateful to these Alumni who helped me to receive an education through a Christian perspective and interact with other awesome people who share my faith. I am truly thankful for this opportunity to grow in my faith while studying at an institution that encourages Christian worldview.

Nathanial Cordel