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Alumni-funded Capital Management Club gets busy

By Julie Ooms

Dordt business students have a new opportunity to develop and use the investment skills they’re learning in class: a club called Defender Capital Management (DCM). Students who participate in the club will receive experience in handling money in a stewardly and responsible way.

John Visser

John Visser

Thanks to nearly $12,000 in designated donations by alumni, Dordt business majors and other interested students will invest real money in the stock market at the same time that they are learning about the market and about managing money in their classes.

“The club gives students real responsibility for managing money,” says Dr. John Visser, a business professor and a sponsor of the club. “It will also promote discussions about the nature of investment and give students concrete experience with the fundamentals of investing.”

The club, which started in February, was the brain child of alumnus Chris Huisken, a bond analyst, who donated the initial $10,000 gift to make the project possible. Since then other business alums have added to the fund.

Visser plans to have club members start by investing in stocks that are fairly safe. The club will meet every few weeks, trying to keep up with the movement of the stock market as they balance their busy schedules. The club will be student-led and managed, with an elected student president, although Visser and an advisory group of alumni will be involved in decision-making.

Initially, all of the money the DCM’s investments earn will be reinvested. However, Huisken intends that some day part of the club’s income will be used to fund student scholarships. Such a goal, he believes, will make students aware of how their business decisions affect them, their fellow club members, and future students as well.

“I believe DCM can provide a platform for education, scholarships, and institutional development and, at the same time, help develop an understanding among students for how God would have us fulfill his mandate as it relates to investment management,” says Huisken. “Rarely does one platform provide so many opportunities!”