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Dr. Paul Fessler

Dr. Paul Fessler

Dr. Paul Fessler, professor of history, is one of twenty people receiving a fellowship to the U.S. Military Academy’s West Point Summer Seminar. In addition to other seminar projects Fessler expects to work on, he’ll do research on the roots of military ethics within the U.S. Army and its relationship to the doctrine of Just War theory.

  Music Professor Emeritus Dr. Joan Ringerwole plays organ every Sunday at Central Reformed Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ringerwole accompanies the choir and plays their five-manual organ. “It is a thrill to play on such a large instrument for people who love to hear the organ in worship,” she says.

Dr. Henry Duitman was selected as a participating conductor in the 2007 California Conducting Institute held in late May. Based on audition videos, fifteen conductors were chosen to conduct the Bakersfield Symphony and receive critiques from three conducting master teachers. The conductors are from North America, Asia, and Europe.

Art Professor Susan Van Geest was one of three review team members to participate, this past semester, in a formal review of the art department at Redeemer University College in Ontario, Canada. Van Geest will also have two upcoming solo art exhibits:  Arts on Grand in Spencer, Iowa, in August, and Witter Gallery, Storm Lake, Iowa, in September.

Dr. Mary Dengler

Dr. Mary Dengler

  From April 19-22, Dr. Mary Dengler, English professor and co-director of the Kuyper Scholars Program, attended the Catholic Studies Conference at Loyola College, Maryland. There she exchanged ideas with representatives from twelve colleges, Catholic, Lutheran, and secular, who wanted to begin a religious studies program or further develop the current program of his or her institution. Dengler shared information about Dordt’s Kuyper Scholars Program, showing how Dordt has maintained its distinctively Kuyperian Reformed identity and emphasizing the necessity of fostering that identity in our students.

“Those institutions that have lost their Christian roots in our fast-moving, secular American culture bemoan the day they started to drift,” she says. “They were impressed with the program we had fashioned and were amazed at the ‘every square inch’ concept. Not only did I recognize a great desire to integrate a lost faith and learning, but I also gave my colleagues a number of ideas while gleaning the best from them—the long Christian tradition that we have in common, how to integrate that tradition into interdisciplinary courses, and how to encourage students in research projects.”  

On March 21, Dr. John Kok, dean for the humanities, led a two-hour discussion of Vollenhoven’s problem-historic method at the Institute for Christian Studies in Toronto. That same week, In the Phrygian Mode: Neo-Calvinism, Antiquity, and the Lamentations of Reformational Philosophy, edited by Robert Sweetman (UPA: Lanham, MD, 2007) was published, containing Kok’s essay “[Jan] Woltjer on Classical Antiquity.”

Professor David Versluis

Professor David Versluis

Art Professor David Versluis’s “Spirit Lake, Iowa: Fish Series,” which includes fifteen large format digital prints, was selected to be part of a three-person group show at the Quad City Arts Gallery At The Airport in Rock Island/Moline, Illinois, during May and June 2007. An exhibition at Luther College, Decorah, Iowa, is anticipated in 2008. The show, which originally debuted in Dordt College’s Campus Center Art Gallery in November 2005 in a two-person show, has since gone “on the road” with a display at Eyekons Gallery in Grand Rapids, Michigan, in January and February 2007.

Criminal Justice Professor Ruth Harthoorn Kocisko graduated from Boston University on May 20, 2007, with a second master’s degree in criminal justice.

“Angel Noise,” an original print by Sam Gutierrez, resident director and campus ministries assistant, appeared in the May issue of Perspectives.

English Professor Leah Zuidema gave a presentation at the Conference on College Composition and Communication, held in New York on March 1. Based in part on her work with English 101 classes at Dordt, the title was “‘We Should Not Have to Adapt!’: Writing about Language Identities, Policies, and Politics.” Zuidema was also recently awarded a dissertation completion fellowship from The Graduate School at Michigan State University.

Education Professor Timothy Van Soelen was selected to participate in a project with the National Center for Educational Statistics (part of the U.S. Department of Education). Ten private school leaders will mine data from the Private School Universe Survey, National Assessment of Educational Progress, and Schools and Staffing Survey to create a report on the status of private schools in the United States. 

Dr. Edwin Geels, professor of chemisty, and Junior Amanda Korver presented their research on “Reduction of Parasites and Diseases of Honeybees,” at the American Chemical Society Convention in Chicago on March 26. Geels, Korver, and Junior Sara Hanenburg repeated their research presentation at the National Council on Undergraduate Research’s 21st annual meeting held at the Dominican University in San Rafael, California, from April 12 to 14.

Emeritus Professor Dr. John Van Dyk’s newest book, Fostering a Reflective Culture in the Christian School: The Maplewood Story has been published by Dordt College Press and is available at the Dordt College Bookstore (712-722-6420 or

Foreign Language Professor Dr. Leendert van Beek completed a Dutch translation of a collection of sermons by the Rev. Charles H. Spurgeon. The volume, titled Speciale gelegenheden (Special Occasions), will be published by Boekhout Publishers, the Netherlands.