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Garry Zonnefeld retires from admissions

Garry Zonnefeld’s love for Christian education and for Dordt College led him to leave high school teaching and join the admissions office sixteen years ago. Some say the change wasn’t as big as it may have seemed. A fellow teacher quipped “Now you can do officially what you’ve been doing all along—promoting Dordt College.”

Zonnefeld left the admissions office in December, but he has continued to promote Dordt for the advancement office by accompanying music tour groups and visiting supporting constituents and churches.

“I’m very interested in helping promote a Reformed worldview,” says Zonnefeld, adding that he is passionate about the foundation such a worldview gives to Christian education. He says the most important thing he tried to do as an admissions counselor was to help students begin to answer the question, “Lord, what would you have me do?” To do that he traveled across the country, sometimes driving as many as 700 miles for up to seventeen hours at a stretch to visit students and parents in their homes. Zonnefeld always drove to his visits and, despite the 15-20,000 miles he covered each year, he never once received a speeding ticket.

“What we have is something that is worth telling people about, helping them understand what difference a Reformed worldview makes,” he says.

Zonnefeld’s love for Dordt College harks back to his childhood, when he attended concerts, plays, and lectures at the then-young college in Northwest Iowa. His commitment grew as a student, when the education he received laid the foundation for the rest of his life. He has fond memories of the people and the cause for which he spent many hours on the road. Now that he’s retired, he’ll continue to serve and promote Dordt College on a part-time basis.