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The God of Material Things

The God of Material Things is a book of poems by English Professor David Schelhaas. Schelhaas says he “found” many of the poems along the streets of Sioux Center while walking to work each morning over the course of nearly twenty years. The title poem speaks of God as creator, who makes all kinds of things and speaks through his creation, including people.

The God of Material Things gives you new eyes and ears to fall in love with God’s birds (including crows), juicy watermelons, and the punch of crab tree blossoms’ fragrance in your face come May,” says Calvin Seerveld, professor emeritus at the Institute for Christian Studies. Seerveld says Schelhaas’s poetry brims with joyfulness for both novice and seasoned readers to grow on and revel in.

“Schelhaas deserves our thanks for paying attention, and for sharing his ‘noticings’ in graceful and grace-filled lines,” says Laura Apol, author of Crossing the Ladder of Sun, who calls the book part confession, part celebration, and a collection of moments that are easy to miss when you’re caught up in the process of living them.

The God of Material Things is published by Dordt College Press and is available at the Dordt College Bookstore (712-722-6420 or