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Where will they play football?

The Dordt College football team will compete primarily against junior varsity teams in its first year of play. In this transition year, practices will be held on the old soccer field, next to the B.J. Haan Auditorium, and games will be played on the Sioux Center football field, across the street from campus. For this first year, the team will use the guest locker room in the gymnasium and store equipment in the upper level of the De Witt gymnasium. In addition, the weight room in the Recreation Center will be expanded into an area that currently houses fitness equipment. This equipment as well as some weight machines will be moved to the old golf room.

ďItís going to take some cooperation, but thatís good for all of us,Ē says Athletic Director Rick Vander Berg.

In the meantime, plans are being finalized for more permanent facilities for the team. Dordt College administrators are working with the City of Sioux Center and the Sioux Center Community High School on joint-use facilities that will benefit all parties. A proposed addition to the north side of the All Seasons Center ice rink will provide storage areas and locker rooms, including space for the Sioux Center wrestling team. Also proposed are new restrooms and a concession stand, replacing facilities which, all parties agree, are currently inadequate. A new press box will replace the current one, which needed upgrading for safety reasons.

Vice president for Business Affairs Arlan Nederhoff hopes that construction of the new facilities can begin around July 1 to be completed for the 2008 school year, the first year of varsity competition.