Archived Voice Articles

2003-2004 New Staff

Alberta Ayee is Coordinator of Student Services for Minority and International Students. In her part-time position, Ayee focuses on assisting minority and international students in becoming an integral part of the campus community. She is advisor to the Spectrum Club, encourages networking opportunities with area colleges, serves as a liaison between students and college offices or personnel when needed, and does whatever else is needed to help them adjust to the area and Dordt College.

Susan Blom is the theatre department seamstress and costume shop supervisor. She builds costumes for main stage college productions and maintains the wardrobe inventory and oversees costume rentals.

Kathy Fictorie is a new evening supervisor in the Dordt College Library. She assists patrons and student employees, circulating library materials, teaching others how to utilize the equipment or reference materials, and answering questions.

Sam Gutierrez is serving in a ten-month, temporary position as campus ministry intern in the office of student services. His primary responsibilities include working with the campus pastor and residence life office to develop and guide spiritual activities and faith life on campus

Janna Holwerda joined the admissions office this summer as an admissions counselor. She works with prospective students who are homeschooled and who live in Manitoba, Idaho, the East Coast, and south central United States.

LeeAnn Moerman provides secretarial support to the President's Office and the Board of Trustees.

Jeremiah Schutte is the Interim Network Administrator at the college while Frank Bulk is on an administrative leave pursuing his master's degree. As a workstudy student, he served for four years as an Assistant Network Technician. Jeremiah maintains all computers on campus.

Valerie Sikkema serves as a chemistry lab supervisor and the greenhouse manager. Valerie has a bachelor's degree in science education and has taught high school level laboratory science courses.

Barb Tazelaar is a part-time secretary for the admissions office. She answers the phone, receives visitors, and assists with data-entry projects

Heather Van Zee is a new counselor in the admissions office. She travels and meets with prospective students throughout most of Canada.

Andrea Westerbeek is the new accounts payable clerk in the business office. She processes invoices for payment to vendors, and enters voucher and vendor information into the computer system.