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Dordt expands nursing enrollment

More students will be accepted into the nursing program next year following expansion of an agreement with St. Luke’s College with whom Dordt collaborates to offer the B.S.N. degree.

The new agreement provides for a second cohort group (the students who go through the program together) each year, beginning in January 2009. This change opens up a total of thirty-six places for Dordt students each year, an increase of fifty percent over current capacity.

The expansion means fewer students will have to wait to get into the Dordt College program. It also makes Dordt's program more attractive to transfer students or those who decide to start the program late, since they no longer have to wait until the next fall to begin their clinical studies. Students will earn their R.N. licensure after three years or, for some, after two and a half years, giving them the opportunity to work part-time as RN’s during the remainder of their college program.

“Nursing is a profession that presently faces great needs,” observes Dordt College President, Dr. Carl Zylstra. “We’re delighted that we have been able to expand our student enrollment openings to help meet those needs.”