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2002-03 donor list reaches all time high

A total of 8,364 friends, alumni, and businesses made gifts to Dordt College last year, an all-time high and an increase of 300 donors over the previous year. In addition, 335 churches sent gifts.

Considering the general weakness of the economy, gift support for the college in 2002-03 remained exceptionally strong. We were especially grateful to see a significant increase in gifts to the Dordt College Fund (the annual Fall Drive) The Dordt College Fund serves as the foundation for the annual operation of the institution and is vital for keeping the cost of attending the college affordable. Gifts to the Dordt College Fund increased from $753,000 in 2001-02 to $922,000 in 2002-03.

A $2 million grant from the Lilly Endowment had a major impact on total gift support in 2002-03. This was a one-time gift earmarked by the Endowment for a "Programs in Christian Vocation" project. The cornerstone of this project is a First-Term Seminar that will help students develop greater clarity about the relationship between their faith and their vocational choices, and what it means to be "called" to lives of service. Total gift support to the college increased to over $6 million last year compared to $4.8 million the year before.

On behalf of our students, faculty, staff and trustees, we want to express our gratitude to all of those who provided the more than $6 million in gift support to the college last year. We give thanks to God for your prayers and loyal support. You are vitally important to the mission of Dordt College.