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Hubbard loves learning as much as teaching

April Hubbard loves going to school. That’s a good thing, because for the past three years, in addition to keeping up with a busy young family and teaching, she’s also been taking classes toward her Master of Fine Arts. The program has been possible thanks to a leave from Dordt—and her husband, she says.



Hubbard earned her M.F.A. in theater direction from the University of South Dakota this past spring.

“It’s delightfully challenging to be a student after you’ve begun teaching,” she says. “It makes you more aware of mistakes you make as a teacher. It also helps you be more understanding of students in your classes.”

Hubbard’s program allowed her to go more deeply into the practice of her discipline. In addition to courses in directing, she took classes in acting, movement, play writing, and even stage fighting. For her degree project, she directed The Winter’s Tale, last year’s fall mainstage production at Dordt. Part of the requirement was to do lengthy script analysis of the play.

The program’s focus on script analysis is one that she believes will make her a better director. “Although it is a lengthy process, it sharpens your understanding of the play. It helps you know what to stress in each scene and not get distracted by ideas that may lead in another direction,” she says.

Hubbard notes that in addition to being better prepared to direct plays and to teach a wider range of theater courses, she has gained a greater respect for the art of acting.

“It’s an incredibly demanding and emotionally draining job,” she says. She will also bring that realization to her teaching and directing.