Experience Civil War Battlefield Tactics and Strategy

July 9-12, 2014

This interactive Civil War history adventure is based on a military leadership model called the staff ride. Rather than a simple tour, the staff ride allows you to participate in the unfolding of history. You’ll see the battle through the eyes of the participants as you walk in their footsteps across the battlefields of Wilson’s Creek, Missouri, and Pea Ridge, Arkansas. Through engaging lectures, captivating readings, and group discussions, the staff ride provides an enjoyable and memorable learning experience like no other.

You’ll find out much more than what happened; you’ll discover why it happened.

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Licensure Renewal Credit for Educators.

Add $50 to earn two credits. (Includes pre-trip required reading and two days of active participation.)

Why Wilson's Creek and Pea Ridge?

The battles of Wilson’s Creek and Pea Ridge were significant in deciding the outcome of both the Western Theatre and the war as a whole. These early battles offered tactical and strategic lessons that both sides would need for future battles. Also, maintaining control in the west became a crucial component of campaign strategies for the Eastern Theatre.

These lesser-known battles provide a greater opportunity for a unique experience like a staff ride. Rather than getting bogged down in battle trivia on a tour of famous battlefield, you’ll discover why even the details—like weather or individual personalities—are important. Moreover, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for God’s providential work in and through history.

As you learn about the men who fought, you will understand how political, social, and religious factors shaped the military outcome. You’ll uncover important themes about leadership, decision-making, and responsibility that extend to other battles—and beyond.